Monday, April 30, 2007

Fashion Week - Pants/Shorts

Find yourself some nice shorts. Whether it be cargos, jean shorts, or them plaid joints. One thing I must stress is that the shorts fit. DO NOT WEAR SHORTS THAT LOOK LIKE CAPRIS. If your shorts are too long, you look stupid.

For the evenings, find some nice jeans. Selvedge is popular, and I have a pair, but they are stiff until you've worn them for a few months so you may want to pick up a different pair for the summer. I'd go with levi's or something like that. Again, make sure they fit, and they they aren't cheap. If you wear a 32, don't cop a 36 and wear two pairs of basketball shorts under.

Fashion Week - Shoes

This is for all of you that can't dress. I am here to help you. I'll go over some small little fashion tips to help you get the ladies.

As far as shoes go, in the summer, it's of great importance to have some nice shoes, because you'll be wearing shorts a lot.

I'll preface this by saying that I don't wear thong sandals, because they are ridiculously uncomfortable, but if you want to, I won't judge you, just make sure you clip your toe nails.

Generally, shorts and hi-top shoes are a no-no. It's not written in stone, but for the summer, scoop up some low tops that you can stroll down the block in. Since everyone has whored the hell out of dunks and sb dunks, try to find some air maxes that you like. They'll be extremely comfortable and versatile. Personally, I've picked up a couple pairs of Air Max 90s to go with the 95s, and 97s that I have.

Next, find something you can beat. I'm seriously considering picking up a pair of Air Force Ones to beat to death this summer, then I can have Mr. Mcmoneybottoms draw some stuff on them and wear them to the parties in the winter. Nothing screams out, "I'm not ballin," to the ladies more than walking around all careful and stiff-legged trying not to scuff, crease or dirty your new shoes.

I'm a College Student...

... which means i can do cool things like place a slip n slide in my quad.

scu slip 'n slide

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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Racially Ambiguous

My name is Hamilton Augustine. I'm a young man of mixed ethnicity, but I identify with the culture classified as "black" or "african-american". I don't necessarily look like a black kid according to mainstream perceptions, and in my experience I have heard many suggestions as to what my race might be. "Are you Mexican?" "Are you Samoan?" "You must be mixed." "Are you Indian?" Sometimes, I just get tired of explaining all of the ethnicities that make up "Hamilton," so sometimes i simply say "I could be," or, "what do you think?" This is a picture of me...

Now, you tell me, what do you think i am?

This post goes out to everyone that is racially ambiguous, may you deal with stupid questions well, and keep your heads up.

It's That Time


What's really good?

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Is There A Better Feeling?

My gear is right... (check)
My bucket is low... (check)
My Rocawear is fittin' incredible...

I've come to know a specific routine on Friday and Saturday.

Get out of class/wake up, either play basketball or take a long nap, then eat some good food, take a shower, listen to some dope music, then go out. Sometimes a haircut or work gets squeezed into that, but it sure is a great routine.

But as I'm sitting here about ready to go out, I can't think of how nice it is to leave the gym after messing around and dropping a triple-double, going to get a fresh cut, taking a shower, then getting dressed while bumping your new favorite song (today it's Cube's "It Was A Good Day"). Once that happens, nothing really bad can happen the rest of the night.

So, like Jay said:

Fuck it...
I guess I got my swagger back
Mama that said I killed her man
Well I guess I got the dagger back


You ever think about what something means, but struggle to find that meaning.

Yeah, you do.

Well, when you thought,"What do they mean by 'Get Your Own'," I tried to tell you it was stuff that we think is cool. So when you think of what we represent. Think,"That's dope." I just couldn't put that as the name of the blog because if I did Bill O'Reilly would accuse me of glorifying illegal substances.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Lil Wayne Is Garbage

Now that I have your attention.

I'd like to share with you my thoughts about Lil Wayne aka Weezy F. Baby aka The Best Rapper Alive aka ???

Aside from the fact that he really thinks he's the "best rapper alive," yet he swagger jacks the hell out of Jay-Z

And, aside from the fact that he gets hyped up way too much.

His music simply isn't that good.
I was told to listen to "Money On My Mind" to get a good idea of what he's like.

Money on my mind
Money on my mind
Money on my mind
Money money on my mind
Money on my mind
Money on my mind
Money money on my mind
So money is all I think of

Steppin out the motherfuckin car they in awe
I'm lookin like a star bitch when you see me make a wish
Holla at ya motherfuckin boy J.R.
Birdman my pa bitch ball bred born rich
Dear Mr. Toilet I'm the shit
Got these other haters pissed cause my toilet paper thick
I know but trip and that forty make a chip
Out a potato head wimp and like ranch I dip
And the hustle was all muscle just strength
When it comes to that weight I don't struggle I just lift
I got my hand on the game yeah I make a grip
Hundred grand in my fist same on my wrist
Get key money from a quarter blame it on my wrist
I whip coke like hoes nigga I'm a pimp
Lil nigga bout to rape the market
If we talkin bout money baby now we talkin


Fuck bitches [3X]
Get money [3X]
Get money fuck bitches
Fuck bitches get money
Fuck bitches get money

Nigga get it in a slump if you know how
In the heart of the summer we need a snow plow
What you know bout that baby its yo time
Coke transactions on the phone we call it blowjob
Too fast for the feds too cocky for the cops
Had to ditch my old bitch gettin sloppy wit the pots
Hoppin off the boat meetin papi at the docks
He tell me I'm gainin weight I tell him I'm gettin paid
Money over bitches I'm yellin it to the grave
Developed at a young age go after what pays
These Gabana sunshades block the sunrays
I drop a car note in the mall on the first day
I gotta get it even if its in the worst way
That cake like it's it's my birthday
New Orleans my birthplace ya heard me
Where moneys more important than the person

[Chorus + Hook during chorus]

Twistin up a blunt thinkin bout my next dollar
I'm diggin in the game tryna get some money out her
I'm so vain its a problem
It ain't a stain on these Pradas I'm just bein modest
Got me a goddess sure how to divide it
She still down and she don't get none of the profit
We around the city let the tints hide me
Thats a cold muhfucker whoever inside it
Forever symbolizing the grind it don't walk to you
I make it run like horses do
Giddy up baby if you got it then hit 'em up baby
I know its crazy but I can't get enough baby
I love it I fuckin love it
I'm a self made millionaire fuck the public
Ridin to myself cause I don't fuck with nothin
Pistol on my lap on the way to the money

[Chorus + Hook during chorus]

This whole song lacks continuity, you don't really know where it's going or how it's supposed to get there. I suppose you could write a song about selling crack, or about how you have nice stuff, or about how your girl puts in work for you. You could even put those in one song, but the way this flows it seems like he took a bunch of random lines, threw them together. Now, I'm not expecting Mos on "Thieves In The Night," but at least tell me a story, or give me something to hold onto. This is just random rambling.

I'd like to qualify my self as anything but a random Weezy hater, because I'm not. It's not hypocritical either. Jay can get away with verses like:

I'm from the streets where the
hood could swallow a man, bullets'll follow a man
There's so much coke that you could run the slalom
And cops comb the shit top to bottom
They say that we are prone to violence, but it's home sweet home
Where personalities crash and chrome meets chrome
The coke prices up and down like it's Wall Street homes
But this is worse than the Dow Jones your brains are now blown
all over that brown Brougham, one slip you are now gone
Welcome to hell where you are welcome to sell
But when them shells come you better return 'em
All scars we earn 'em, all cars we learn 'em like the back of our hand
We watch for cops hoppin out the back of van
Wear a G on my chest, I don't need that for damn
This ain't a sewn outfit homes, homes is about it
Was clappin them flamers before I became famous
For playin me y'all shall forever remain nameless
I am Hov'

because he gives you "Song Cry" and "Renegade" on the same album. Jay has the "I'm better than you," swagger, and Wayne jacked it, only thing is that Jay has variety, and creativity. Rappers that talk about the same thing in every song are good for dropping 16 bars after the second verse of some cheesey R&B single, not putting out a new mixtape every two weeks.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Hugh Decided That he Likes Rollerblades Again

You may be asking, "who is this handsome kid on the blades?" Well, once you pull your head out of your behind, you will figure out that it's Hugh Augustine, soon to invade your homes on the television and through the radio. Just watch. Oh yeah, he's also my brother, but that's not a big deal.


So yesterday I was in the middle of doing homework, and I found myself checking facebook, myspace, ebay, niketalk and yahoo! sports instead of getting my stuff done. It would have been easy to disconnect the airport and cut myself off from the internet, but I needed it to do my work. So, I went with my favorite solution.

Mute everything, and listen to jazz.
Two favorites of mine are John Coltrane's A Love Supreme & Thelonious Monk's Riffin

If you like those, look for the Ken Burns Jazz Series CDs of those two guys, along with the Thelonious Monk Quartet with John Coltrane at Carnegie Hall. And if your feeling good, find yourself some Herbie Hancock, Miles Davis or Hank Mobley.

Katrina (kuh - tree – nuh) n. – pure

Katrina was her name, and rightly so.
The “pure” one made man heed the storm and go.

In time we witnessed how the levies broke.
“He doesn’t care about us,” Kanye spoke.

The people wait for aid to be deployed.
Now all their homes and jobs have been destroyed.

A young boy runs hands through disheveled hair.
His clothes are tattered, surely worse for wear.

He smiles as he watches cars float by.
Now he’s content, but Noah would’ve cried.

The greatest kind of peace can be unearthed
In seizing chaos, noticing its worth.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I Realize It's Hard For You...

Ok, so i realize that i'm kinda a sneaker whore. The only problem is that i don't have a job, so it's getting to be a problem when i spend more money than i should. That being said, I think i'll respond to what P had to say and highlight the fact that beasts can do this thing that i hate. it's called "swagger jacking". To start, I'll define swagger as that thing that makes an individual just that. Jacking, clearly, is the act of taking something that is not yours. Therefore, Swagger Jacking is taking someone else's originality and calling it your own. this is the thing that makes me the angriest in my days around town. what i have a problem with is the fact that (explict word)s see me and then next week cop the same thing i have. For example, someone might see me rocking some really fresh SBs, and having never seen anything like them will say, "yo, those are so tight, i've never seen anything like that. where did you get those???" :-/. To this abrasive question I usually reply with something rude like, "the spot," after which the Beast has been properly slain. However, if I feel the person is actually honest and sincere in their interest, I will usually direct them to the proper retailers and/or websites so that they can get their fill of shoe crack like I do... I guess the point of this is twofold: "stop swagger jacking" and "really, c'mon guys, stop swagger jacking".
My suggestion is that you get some originality now. I realize it's hard. Companies make more than one shirt for a reason, but there's a certain time in one's life where one has to take the initiative to do their own research, and find their own spots. That's what I do, but hey, that's also just me.

Hypebeast Defined

What the hell is a hypebeast?

It's not just a term to describe any kid who has owned dunk sbs and/or a Lemar & Dauley shirt. dunks are hot shoes, and L & D makes nice shirts. People that OD on streetwear trends aren't hypebeasts, it's the people that mindlessly hop on trends that are the hypebeasts. You know, the kid that wears this Lemar & Dauley shirt without having given Midnight Marauders, The Low End Theory, or hell, even The Anthology at least couple of spins. It's easy to hate on young kids who just don't know. So to all the kids in front of me in line trying to pick up the Jordan IIIs, that were in kindergarten when Mike was given Bryon Russell the push-off, at least read up on the happenings. Don't do it because I do it, do it because you want it.

Why we're really here

Ok, so, Patrick and I were tossing ideas around like we usually do, and he says "I want to do something so that we can tell people about everything our generation does, so that we can look back on it during our lifetime. But i also want to do something that can keep our generation from being whack old people." so then i was like "it sounds like a good idea, and we can do a blog about it." Then we raped and pillaged a small village. If you don't like it... well, P would say "get your own blog"... I on the other hand say, "i'll rape and pillage you next." The choice is yours.

Oh, I also love shoes and clothes, and i was born in july, I'm a 90s baby through and through. Welcome to my world.

Why Are We Here?

Over the course of each day, I get those, "Damn, that's cool," thoughts and I want to share them. This will function as a way to express what I like, what I don't like, what I find funny, and what I don't find funny. Seen from the perspective of a Los Angeles native who was born 3 days before Kirk Gibson took Dennis Eckersley's back-door slider into the right field pavilion. From the kid who lived in Inglewood during the Rodney King Riots. From the kid that imitated the "Jordan, over Ehlo, GOOD!!!" in his hallway too many times to count. From me, to you. Welcome.