Thursday, May 31, 2007


Many of you might not know what Facebook is, but a good explanation for this phenomenon is that it's a more grown up style of myspace. previously there were not many things one could do to customize one's page, but recently Facebook added a thing called "News Feed", an application that tells the world everything everyone is doing. Additionally, Facebook allowed a thing called "applications" on to the site, which lets third party sites create ways to customize one's Facebook experience. i have not yet developed an opinion on the subjece, but any of you are welcome to comment on whether or not you like the new applications. i'm particularly fond of one called "X Me", which allows you to do more than "poke"/do anything to those people on your friends list, hence the X in "X Me".

It's My Life

If you say anything about Hip-Hop, and you haven't given either of these two albums at least 10 spins, then your opinion is greatly discredited. Eff a sendspace. Cop it for yourself. Love.


Monday, May 28, 2007

OMG... A Song With Lupe, Kanye & Pharrell

I want to listen so bad, but I have to wrap a bandanna around my neck first, put on some bapestas, hang a Louis Vuitton PDA case from my belt loop, and put on some millionaire sunglasses.

And since I'm not ballin like that, I guess I won't listen.

But you can.

Us Placers

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Friday, May 25, 2007

The State of our Youth...

"I think that parents only get so offended by television because they rely on it as a babysitter and the sole educator of their kids."
-Trey Parker and Matt Stone

Thursday, May 24, 2007

What I Rock To

Don't Mind Me...

I'm just getting my grown man on.

Little Brother - Grown Man (Feat. Talib Kweli)

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

It's That Kinda Weird Thing That Happens

When you think you know, but then after you think about, you don't really know...
word to MTV Diary

So let's say there's a person you could describe as your best friend. The person you spend the most time with ever.

Then, in a quick sequence of events, you lose contact.

You're left with nothing but memories. Some are amazing, some are good, some are bad, but the only terrible thing is the way that it ceased to exist. You really didn't do anything wrong, and they didn't either, it just felt like it had to happen. It just sucks, the one time you feel hopeless, you get grinding, but it doesn't cut it.

But, I don't write a cautionary tale, things happen, lives change, people change, for better or worse. You just have to keep going... [nas] life's a bi**h [/nas] and it will get you if you aren't on your toes.

So, you get caught up, fast life, fast time, and the memories you had come farther and farther in between.

Then, in an instant, things change, and the memories come quickly. It's like, "Damn, we used to do that, and that, and that, and then they got me that, and I got that, then we did that, ..."

But those memories don't give you fond memories, they don't give you bad memories, they just confuse the hell out of you. So you get to the point where you want them all to go away, so you distance yourself, but at a certain distance you get yanked back just like momma would when you thought about taking that step into the street.

So, you're left, sitting there, in the Thinker pose, with no clue whatsoever.

Jay-Z- Song Cry

Hope it doesn't happen to you too.

Love Always,


Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Becoming a Spartan

I was playing around on Youtube today and i found this cool video about 300. It made me want to go in the gym and work out...

See what i mean?

Joy Denalane

I love this song. The video is nice too.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Message To All Mixtape DJs


I just heard a DJ yell out his phone number, email, myspace and everything else that could be considered contact info. Oh, and if you have to yell something, don't put that stupid echo effect in it.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Saturday, May 19, 2007



So, because I hear it's the new thing, I went and tried some Pinkberry.

Since I'm perfectly content with getting some swirl frozen yogurt, with chocolate sprinkles, this stuff was going to have to be damn good to satisfy me.

I walked in, and was impressed by the decor. The place was cozy, yet contemporary. But not one of those places that is so contemporary that you feel uncomfortable. Plus, the lady working was really loud and nice. She asked us if we had been there before, and because we hadn't, she explained to us how we were to order. The smallest size doesn't come with any toppings, so you are almost forced to buy the medium size, which is $5.

Yes, $5 for some yogurt with fruit or cereal.

Now granted, this stuff tastes pretty good. However, I will never pay $5 for yogurt ever again unless it's getting me stock options or a girlfriend that is mean in the kitchen.

And that's the end of that.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Speaking of New Music...

-Amy Winehouse is soulful.
-The new joint by Common and Joss Stone is fire.
-Kanye's new stuff is "Classic" and "Timeless" (chuckles).
-Lupe did a song over the beat to "T.R.O.Y."
-If you haven't picked up Consequence's CD, you need to because you're missing out.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Yo... Where The New Music At?

I can't remember the last time I got a new album in my hands and was able to spin it to death. Actually, I do remember it was, "And Justus For All." Sadly, most times, my iTunes consists of 5 "Recently Added" tracks that I play until I can't hear them anymore. I hope and pray that Nas was serious about releasing something this summer.

MySpace Etiquette

I was browsing through MySpace the other day, and I realized something that I need to let you all know about.

1. Get a digital camera- Those 300 x 600 sized, blurry, camera phone pics aren't getting it done.

2. Take all that junk off your page- Do you need a survey that shows what girly club drink you are, or what kind of expensive sports car you are, or what teenage mutant ninja turtle you are.

3. DuNt Be TyPiiN LyK DiiS- It's annoying

4. Avoid angles- There is really no need for every picture you take to be from way up above or from the side.

5. Don't post bulletins asking for picture comments- "Comment one of mine and I'll comment two of yours" It really isn't that serious, now is it.

Oh, and if you do these things, and you read this, I still love you.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

You Are Appreciated

Everyone, I just want to say that you should all kiss your moms today while you still can.

Happy Mother's Day

The other day in my African-American studies class we got into a discussion about what it means to be a mother in the black community. Through that discussion I've realized that every black male got into many of arguments with his mom while growing up. I don't remember any arguments with my dad, because I don't think we've had any. I get into an argument with my mom almost every day. Another thing I have realized is that mom is always the one you can lean on. The toughness that my mother exudes has made me a stronger person.

A lot of times people spend Mother's Day glorifying their mother as some divine being. I'll spare you. My mom isn't perfect, nobody is. One thing I can tell you is that when I get married, I hope my wife has the same strength as momma. My mom has beaten cancer. Twice. Hopefully she keeps it away, because I want her to have grandkids and all that jazz.

Like I said, my mom ain't perfect person, and we fight all the time, but it wouldn't be mom without those fights. So, I'll enjoy that trivial fight we have on Mother's Day, because having those fights is better than not being able to have those fights.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

A Snippet Of My Weekend

So as I began to prepare for my exit of the Hopi Lodge, I took some pics.

Since I've got this terrible shoe-buying problem, I came home to my bed. Looking like this

What was left:


Friday, May 11, 2007

LA ... Oh Word.

[Biggie] Yo!
[Puff] Yo Big wake up wake up baby
[Biggie] Mmm, yo...
[Puff] Yo Big wake yo' ass up c'mon
[Biggie] I'm up! I'm up. *mumbling* I'm up I'm up
[Puff] Big, wake up!
[Biggie] I'm up, Diddy, what the fuck, man? What's up?
[Puff] C'mon now it's a quarter to six we got the 7:30 flight
[Biggie] Mmm, *mumbling* yeah
[Puff] Yo Big Big, Big
[Biggie] Yeah I hear you dogg, I hear you, alright, 7:30
[Puff] Yo take down this information
[Biggie] Ain't no pen
[Puff] Tell your girl then to remember it or somethin
[Biggie] Aight honey, yeah write this down
[Puff] Aight, ummm, flight five-oh-four
[Biggie] Five-oh-four
[Puff] Leaving Kennedy
[Biggie] mumbling Kennedy
[Puff] On the L-A-X
[Biggie] Oh! Cali??
[Puff] No doubt baby, you know we gotta get this paper
[Biggie] Ahh, no doubt, aight
[Puff] You aight?
[Biggie] I'm up, I'm up[Puff] Yo Big
[Biggie] I'm UP man
[Puff] Flight five-oh-four
[Biggie] Alright 7:30 I'ma meet you at the airport
[Puff] California
[Biggie] Yeh
[phone clicks]

Going Back To Cali - Notorious B.I.G.

Thursday, May 10, 2007


The music pumps and vibrates loud
I rock the mic, and pause.
I rap and battle, rhyme and clown.
I hear some “oohs” and “aahs”

A break beat plays. The crowd’s in awe.
As I spit hotness, watch.
My b-boy stance is simply raw,
Another foe will drop.

“I love my craft, and hip-hop’s form.
She makes the world seem real.
She’s been my game since I was born
There’s no one else I feel.

“She makes me want to shout and sing
While on the tops of trees.
Our love is such a pleasing thing;
She’s always rolled with me.

“My love for her has never ceased.
And now I’d say it’s grown.
She keeps it fresh like khakis creased.
I’ll never be alone.”

Monday, May 7, 2007

An Open Letter to Streetwear Brands

To whom it may concern:

I have come to notice that you are recycling your designs. Although I am a strong proponent of sustainability, I don't think your conservation of creativity is contributing to the reduction of global warming.

That having been said, I'd like to point out that most of your all over print hoodies look like the insides of a clown.

Since children seem to like them so much, I can see why they have been produced in size extra-smedium and below, but it gets to be a problem when 16 year olds want to relive their power ranger days.

For future reference, you might not want to put the colors pink and purple on your mens' clothing, Polo and Lacoste have already done it.

Third, I also notice that there are very many references to guns in your designs. I doubt the image you want to portray with a pink gun is one of hard-nosed crime and disregard for the law.

Unless, of course you are targeting the disagreements you have with gay marriage laws, in which case I would say "keep fightin'".

Next, I would like to comment on your prices.

No one wants to pay 35 dollars for a t-shirt, and 20 dollars for a bandana is just ridiculous. I know my last name is McMoneybottoms, but i'll be reaching the bottom of my money soon if I have to keep dropping insane amounts of money for all of your "exclusives" and "heat".

Finally, I have one last question. What ever happened to the time when people just did what they were good at, and didn't care as much about how often they "broke necks" while they were doing it.

Chester M.

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Why'd They Have To Kill Ricky?

I don't know what's more depressing, the fact that they killed him, or the fact that when I search "Boyz N The Hood" in Google that a lot of the search results are about some wack bad boy south group.

But really, he passed the SAT, they ain't have to kill him like that.

Why I Love LA

1. The weather
Where else can you go and have almost perfect weather all year.

2. Roscoe's
#9 with a sunset. That's 3 wings and waffle for those who don't know. A sunset is lemonade and fruit punch collaboration that's something like a Black Star and Common collab.

3. Shops
I like buying things, and there are so many place in LA to do that. From Fox Hills to Beverly Hills, it's there

4. Dodger Stadium
The Dodgers are my favorite sports team, and Dodger Stadium is a nice place to catch a game. The traffic getting there is bad, it's expensive, and good seats can be hard to come by, yet I find a way to make it there a couple times a year. Every year.

5. Beverly Hills
Where else in the world do you have immediate access to gorgeous foreign-looking women and expensive cars and clothes.

6. The Beach
While most natives will find a way to complain about the condition of the water, I'll find a way to point out how many glorious activities you can partake in at the beach, from bonfires, to the sand dunes, to the pier.

7. Music
If you love music, especially the live variety, you can catch anyone here. And even if you aren't in the mood for music, you can drive by the old Death Row offices and imagine that Suge is dangling Vanilla Ice out of the window.

8. History
There are so many places in LA that you can go to and instantly get goose bumps when you think about what happened there. I can tell you how amazing it was standing outside the bungalows at the Beverly Hills Hotel where Marilyn died, or at the Petersen Museum, the last place B.I.G. went before his death, or the Ambassador Hotel where RFK was assassinated.

9. Women
There are so many beautiful women in LA, from all parts of the world. Nuff said, come see for yourself.

Friday, May 4, 2007

Fashion Week - Tops

It's summer, so you're going to be wearing t-shirts every day pretty much. I'm going to be wearing mostly plain things this summer, it just seems like a good idea, so most of my shirts are going to come American Apparel. They make shirts in pretty much every color, so whatever else you're wearing, you can match it to your AA shirt. Make sure you drive "two miles an hour, so everybody sees you."

If you don't like American Apparel that much, the hundreds has some hot stuff out, as well as stussy and diamond supply co. If you're not like a skate brand type guy, i'd say that you can never go wrong with a light weight polo, or some fresh linen shirt. I'd say the biggest rule is that you have to make sure your shirt and shorts don't clash, which means don't wear a striped shirt with plaid shorts or something like that. Also, make sure your shoes and shirt match, because if they don't you'll look like a sucka.

Fashion Week - Tops

I don't know what to say about shirts, jackets and that sort of stuff. I normally wear polos, and call it a day. If it's a t-shirt, then it's usually something by Jordan, Nike, UNDFTD, Stussy or something like that. The most important thing is that you do you, and that you match somewhat. The shirts on digital gravel are nice, but I'm not as fond of spending $30 on a t-shirt as others are. The best thing I can tell you is find a spot where you can pick up shirts for $20 or less, and cop 5, that should last you through the summer.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

My Favorite Rapper

Shawn Carter, Jay-Z, Jigga, Hov.

He isn't the best at any one thing. B.I.G. can probably tell a better story. Pac can connect with you more. Mos and Talib can get more conscious with it. Big Boi and Dre got the creativeness on lock. And the west coast can hold in down on stage (see, Up In Smoke Tour).

I'm not trying to convince you into thinking Jay is the best rapper alive, or the best rapper ever, or even the best MC from Brooklyn. But I can tell you why he's my favorite rapper.

1. Versatility. I told you that Jay isn't the best an a lot of the big aspects of hip-hop, but he is near the top in all of them. Who can give you "Money Ain't A Thang" and "Song Cry" and be serious about it. Jay can give you 16 on a Beyonce track, yet come back and rip it to pieces with Eminem. I made a Jay-Z playlist, and I couldn't help but laugh out loud on my way to class when I heard "Rap Game/Crack Game" after "Excuse Me Miss." That's the best part of Jay, and that's what leads me to another great aspect.

2. Evolution. The content on Reasonable Doubt is so much different than on Kingdom Come. While everybody complains, I appreciate it. As much as I love "Regrets" and "D'evils," they wouldn't be great songs if they came from an almost 40 year-old with a reported net worth of $340 million dollars. The same way I wouldn't appreciate "Beach Chair" and "30 Something" if they were done by a mid-20s MC straight out of Marcy Projects. So while I don't necessarily identify with some of the things that he raps about, I do identify with the evolution of his life through music.

3. Swagger. Jay's swagger is based on the fact that he is better than you, and that he'll tell you that straight to your face. I like to believe that I have good self-confidence, and the music of Shawn Carter allows me to poke my chest out and walk like a man.

Why I Won't Vote For Barack Obama

It's quite simple. Hillary is going to get the nomination. She leads in every reputable poll.

Don't get me wrong, I want Barack Obama to be President, but now isn't the time. He has only been in politics for 11 years. As far as I see it, the window is just opening. He'll be in his early 50s when 2012 rolls around. The first black President can't be the young, inexperienced type. Because, if the first black President messes up the way W. did, then we may find ourselves sharecropping again.

As of now, Guiliani looks like the front-runner. I'm not sure how that affects Obama. Ideally, Hillary would win with Barack as VP, and he would run after her 8 years are up, and democrats would hold office for 16 years. As of now, I'll stop dreaming. The only real negative about Hillary as President that I see is if she messes up, America may say, "If the woman didn't work, the negro wont." But, if Hillary does well, which I think is very likely, then America may feel better about electing a black President.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Bad Music = Good Music

This song is the theme of my life right now. I know you all feel me, Soulja Boy feels me. Sometimes I just don't want to hear what everyone has to say. That's when i go "yahh bitch yahh!" It works, try it sometime.

Edit - Pants/Shorts

Matt's right. Wear some linen this summer too.

Fashion Week - Pants/Shorts

Alrighty, i'm gonna just come out and say it. I like seersucker. It's hardly ever worn, but it's such a nice style, and perfect for the summer. It's light, breatheable, and not that hard to match. If you're very skilled, you might be able to pull of a brown shirt with some seersucker shorts and turn heads. I also like khaki of the olive persuasion, as well as pants that are turned into shorts. It might be a good idea to cut up some levi's and go from there, but not badly cut like Snoop had in the "Beautiful" video; more like, cut and cuffed. If you want to go for a cut and frayed look, use camo, because it can pretty much match with anything.

Fashion Week - Shoes

Since i'm from southern California, i'm used to the winters being hot and the summers hotter. that definitely means that we wear shorts, and in order to wear shorts you need some nice low tops. although i am a fan of highs, you can sometimes look out of place with some big AF1s clunking around on your feet. Tims, no... just, no. A popular thing these past couple of years has been to bring back some old style. I'm kind of a fan of American Apparel, just because i'm so tired of swagger jacking that i've decided to resort to the plain tee. This is good because with plain tees comes many colors. That's right people, chucks. Nothing says "I don't give a f***" like some nice Chuck Taylors. If you're feeling froggy you can throw on some Jack Purcells, but girls wear those a lot and it's easy to give the wrong idea. The cool thing about chucks is that they're moderately priced, so you can get more than one pair for the same price as a pair of dunks or something. Alternatively, you can pick up some vans. This is tougher, due to the fact that their patterns sometimes limit the choice of shorts you can make, but if you pull it off right, you will be comfortable and fresh. Oh, a side note... if you're real cool you can get some of those fresh tube socks with the stripes on them to match your shirt or shoes, but that's even harder to pull off. Clashing is a bad idea, so tread lightly.