Friday, August 31, 2007

It's Friday...

I got paid.
I recorded a song.
It's 100 degrees in the shade.
The day is just beginning

Thursday, August 30, 2007

I Was Just Thinking...

... and I stumbled upon this notion. Everyone's unique. A fingerprint is evidence enough. Why does everyone feel the need to scream "I am my own person!" at the top of their lungs. I thought about it some more, and this is what I came up with. People... are masters of the stereotype. It helps us categorize things that are too complex for us to take on one at a time. The concept of a person as an individual is one of those things that is way too complex for us to take the time to consider. Therefore, we stereotype each other for our own purposes. Makes sense, right? This slippery slope leads to racism, as well as the tradition of lumping everyone into a conformist society and expecting them to function properly. Square peg, circular hole... in some cases. This cause the person to realize that something is wrong, and react violently to that which is making them uncomfortable. Finally, the individual begins to insist to everyone that they are said individual. The problem with that is that humans also have an innate desire to associate with other humans and engage in fellowship. This is a paradox that has controlled the institution of high school for years... as is seen in the movie "Superbad", just released this summer. Think about it...

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

I Know I Always Say Stuff LIke This...

... but if I could marry Kid Sister, I would. She's too sexy, and she has hot songs. If you aint up on it, get up on it. You could peep her myspace, or mine because one of her songs is on it right now.

I Hella Want...

Hella stuff because school is starting Hella soon. I have been seeing hella tight shoes x clothes and hella tight dorm room stuff and it's making me hella excited. I hella go to hella school in the bay, hella. Here's some stuff I hella want, yadadamean?

1. imac - the 08 version is hella tight.
2. mita dunk trainer hybrids - they would look hella good on my feet.
3. the entire fall line from The Hundreds - so I can be hella fitted, word to alex.
4. a couple new hats - so my headgear can be hella hyphy.
5. a job - so I can spend hella money on the stuff I just listed.

What it dooooooooooookie? yadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadabooboo?


Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Eddie and Mike are probably gay

... but they're still hella talented at what they do... in THEIR OWN profession.

It's My Last Week

at this job. When I'm finished, I plan to do the heisman on that ho, word to Reggie Bush. I'm working at a law firm, which means I do what all the lawyers do, without having to practice any law. I mostly just sit on this computer all day and type things, including these blog posts. Here's what I learned from my experience.

1. You can have a job and still party at night

2. Don't drive in dress shoes

3. Women look really nice in business casual attire

4. Gas sucks

5. Creating a newsletter is not as hard as I thought it would be

6. I really like money, but it can really disappear sometimes

7. The 110 is no joke.

and a lot more that I don't feel like/am not allowed to be sharing.

Get Off Your High Horse.

Black Star is essentially the icon for "backpackers." You know, the kid who listens to "underground" rap simply so that he can say it's underground. I'm not gonna hate on you for liking music that makes you look cool. But, I will hate on you for having that elitist attitude whenever you hear Lil' Jon or Mims. Say what you want, but under certain circumstances, doing the spiderman on that hoe can be amazingly fun. No, it's not great music. The lyrical content isn't superb, but it's entertaining. Hip-hop is meant to entertain, no more no less. If it's entertaining me, and more importantly, the ladies at the party, then you need to get over yourself.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Brands I Support for the Fall


They always come with some classy fit to have you looking crisp and clean. Tell Dem.

Diamond Supply Co.

Diamond supply is like meat and potatoes. Solid designs, Good colors, and a nice set of skateboards.

The Hundreds

The Hundreds will always be one of my favorites. They come with smart designs, an arsenal of tshirts, and enough accessories to cover everything in bombs.

American Apparel

They're classic. Period.


Alife has some sick designs for a little more money, but they're not that heavily hyped, so you will get some sleeper kudos for wearing a big A.


Supreme has been around for a long time. They are the only brand that I've seen get away with minimal designs for rape prices, but I kinda like it


For the basketball lover, UNDFTD keeps you FTD.

I Apologize

I'm sorry for what I've become.
I'm desensitized to what life may bring to me.

Thursday night, as I'm getting ready to hit a party, my mother calls me.

She said things like ...
"w/e happens im in gods hands"
"people die in car accidents, w/e,"
"the reality is, it's just life"
"god gave me a beautiful child"

At the time of the phone conversation, my emotions kind of took hold of me and I was really upset and things of that nature. But, now that I have a minute to think about it, I can reflect calmly.

1. Appreciate your mothers, because they are always there for you no matter what.
2. Appreciate your friends. Without mine there to pick me up that night I don't know where I would have been. Thanks Mike, Steve, Dante, & Raquel.
3. My mom isn't going to die. At least not anytime soon. She can't. I simply won't let it happen. If I have learned one thing from that hippie church I've been going to my whole life is that - if I claim something, it's going to happen. My mother will be there to see me graduate, to see me get married, to see her grandkids. I'm confident in that, it's not even an issue.
4. The cancer is gone. The only problem is that the medicine that keeps it from coming back is incredibly strong, and it causes my mom to have very sick days almost all the time. It hurts me more than anything to know that I can't be there to make her breakfast in the morning or to buy her flowers or small things like that.

Thanks for reading, I'll be here all week.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Oh yeah...

...and somebody cracked the iPhone for use with other networks

Somebody pinch me...

I'm listening to a J Dilla mix that's 1:15:59 long. It makes me want to change the world with pillows.

On another note, everyone is leaving for school this week or next and it's making me really frustrated due to the fact that i will be stuck in Los Angeles longer, and with no one to hang out with.. except the people who go to my school.

AIM annoys me. I have become really dependant on it. It's really easy to talk to 8 people at once, but it also takes away from the humanness of communication.

Sidekicks annoy me. They take AIM to the next level of able-to-reach-me-ness. For that reason, coupled with the fact that i'm pretty much a broke college student, I have no sidekick.

Girls annoy me. The cat and mouse game I have to play with them to get results is frustrating and time consuming. God forbid I actually like you, or show any emotion at all. I'm a poet, for Christ's sake, I'm oozing emotional words. Get over yourself, because you should be happy I want to have a conversation with you at all. In a minute I'm probably just going to be trying to live my life like i'm Hamilton, in which case you will not be in my thoughts, wishes, or hopes whatsoever.

I need more old school in my life. I have a vhs player in my house that still works. I love it because it lets me watch Toy Story. Do you even know what a vhs player is?

Someone buy me the Adam Bomb Keychain from The Hundreds. If you're a lady, I'll marry you.

Just some random thoughts.

Niggaman, with the power to be picked for any sport! Makes babies faster than a speeding bullet! Able to leap tall fences in a single bound!

Mita Dunk Trainer Free Hybrids, I want.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Don't Do It: Music

I'm going to run through with you guys a few things you should not do when it comes to listening to music.

1. Speakers: make sure your speakers don't sound like a kazoo. Some that will serve your purposes complete with a sub will run you about 60 bucks. Anything over that and I'm calling it splurging on your part.

2. Artists: LIl Wayne has not made a classic anything. Period. I said period. Fergie sucks. If you're a guy, don't listen to your Coldplay and Jack Johnson tracks around other guys... I don't want to hear anything else about how good Young Jeezy is, because he's not. Mims, also not very good. Bring it back to the lyrics. If you want to keep it simple, just listen to Jay and no one can really argue with you. I'd prefer something by OutKast or something obscure like System of a Down, but that's just me.

3. In your car: you don't have to bump your music so loud that I can hear it a block away. I get it, you spent a G on your system, I understand. That's not an excuse to put "Money on my Mind" on repeat, either. How will you hear an ambulance with your system pumping like that anyway. You're begging the cops to pull you over and yOu pRObAblY tYpE lYk dIiS

4. If I decide to educate you more, there will be a part II to this lesson

Thursday, August 23, 2007

I'm Just Trying To Live Like I'm Patrick

I'm selfish, and I apologize for being that way, but I have to.

I think I'm fairly simple, I want a few things, the healthy of my parents, and enough money to buy all the stuff I want. Happiness and all that stuff is good too. In terms of stuff that other people want me to do for them, or things like that -- you'll have to wait. I'm doing me right now. Get over it.

No, this isn't some subliminal message. I really don't have this directed at anyone.

On to better things --

1. This Intro To Writing Poetry class is going to be beyond dope. I just wrote about how the color blue is cool to me.
2. I finally got some artwork up in my room.
3. I might finally have time to go to Ikea.
4. I got the rosters onto NCAA and I'm ready to start this dynasty.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Tuesday -

Tuesday –

So I’m sitting here at work, and there is absolutely nothing for me to do, so I’m writing a blog post on word and I’m going to copy it over later.

Here she goes.

So I work in the intramural office of the University of Arizona Student Recreation Center. Normally I would be filing out sheets of paper with team names and rosters and stuff, but since school started, there are no games to do that nonsense for. Don’t ask me if it would be easier to use one of those new-fangled computer doohickies to form roster sheets, because I don’t have that answer. I was browsing the web on my phone, but since AT&T service in Tucson is spotty, and some genius decided that wifi in the rec was a bad idea, I’ll be confined to no internet access. Oh snaps, I just got service back.

It’s 3:11 right now, and I get off at 4. There is a little restaurant across from me but I’m told I can’t eat on the clock, and since I’m the only one here, I can’t exactly be “off the clock.” So I haven’t eaten since last night, and my stomach feels empty, eyelids heavy, body tired, that whole deal. I might go get a snickers to hold me over. I actually threw 6 chicken breasts in some marinade and I’m going to grill them tonight with the grill pan I bought earlier. It’s funny, I just now realize that I (black) will cook the chicken, Dante (Italian) will make some pasta, and Stephen or Mike (both half Mexican) will handle the vegetables. There’s something wrong with that.

I should be doing homework right now, but I can’t because I was buying a grill pan instead of buying books. My mom would be upset. Oh well, it’s my life.

I just thought to myself, “Why not wait a few minutes to get that snickers.” As soon as that thought went through my head, the stupid snickers ad campaign popped into my head, and I almost feel like waiting just to spite them. But, I’m hungry brb

Monday, August 20, 2007


First day back to class and I've tried to classify some of the types of students you see on this day.

1. The kid that asks too many questions. Not necessarily a nerd, but someone who just won't shut up when the teacher asks a question. Also, they don't realize that it's called a lecture class for a reason. Meaning it's generally a monologue from the professor. This is NOT the time to raise your hand and ask questions.

2. The girl that comes to class dressed to impress. This is Arizona, it's 100 degrees. Don't try to wear anything nice, because in a week you'll be in sweats and flip flops.

3. The guy that tries to spark up conversations with everyone. Not to be mean, but there is a reason why I

4. The kid with the blog who spends all day in class and work and is too tired to finish writing this post. PEACE.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Everyone is so friggin cool...

in LA and i can't stand it. My jeans 9 and my shoes 850, i'm so krispy. Fairfax is hyped. La Brea is hyped. It's all really hyped and kids with rich parents and no job skateboard all day with 30 dollar t-shirts on. It's 90 degrees out, and companies are dropping their fall lines. Why do i need a beanie in August? I pretty much don't. Big sunglasses, check. Fitted hat, check. Too small jeans, check. Expensive shoes, check. Am I cool now?

Monday, August 13, 2007

Underground Kingz

When I first started the album, I figured I'd hear a lot about purp, candy paint, mixed in with Houston slang I don't understand, with a bunch of references to the late great DJ Screw. Instead, I got easily the best album I've heard in a minute. It's better than Finding Forever. I could give you a rundown of each track, but that would ruin the experience. The best way I can describe it, is that not many people can get away with having Talib Kweli, Scarface, Big Daddy Kane, and Slim Thug on the same album. Don't even worry about Outkast and 3 6 Mafia.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007


I don't usually throw out just a video, but this one I have to do that with.

Or I'll give you this.

Take Your Pick: So Far ...

So Far So Good - The Shining

So Far To Go - Finding Forever

I'm going "So Good" all damn day. Honestly they should have just put that on Finding Forever.

"Let go and let me live inside you
What your mouth don't say baby your thighs do"

All that needs to be said.


Desean Jackson from Cal ran a 4.22 second 40.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007


me - "Lil Wayne's music is stupid"
brandon - "I like it because I'm a lyrical dude"

kids these days.

Don't Do It: Fashion

So over the past few weeks or months or years or what have you I have noticed a few things that I need to tell you.

1. Find something, stick with it. If you went from ecko rhino shirts & jean shorts, to velour suits and timbs, to pro clubs, and you're now onto v-necks, ed hardy and wallet chains, then you have a problem. Find yourself a staple, and run with it. For me, it's jordans and polo shirts. For you, it could be flip flops and quiksilver, it doesn't really matter. Just pick something and stop hopping on the next trend. I say this for two reasons. It saves you money, and because if you are hopping on trends then it's probably not popular when you finally catch on.

2. Dress appropriate to your weather. I'm from Los Angeles, I go to college in Arizona. If I see you in either of these locations with Timbs on and you aren't doing construction then you are getting laughed at. If it's not snowing, raining, and their isn't even a threat of snow or rain, then why are you wearing 6" boots.

3. You aren't in a music video, you aren't an entertainer, stop trying to dress like one. Puff & Mase might be able to pull off shiny suits. You can't. So, the same goes for scarves around your neck when you are actually out in public. Maybe you were messing around with grandma's scarves, and then found a camera, then found myspace. That's fine. But if you are in front of the mirror, and thought that a scarf over your mouth would finish off your outfit, then you are wrong. You aren't Pharrell, you don't party with models, you don't go to Japan for vacation. You are YOU, don't dress like him.

4. Don't dress like your friends. Matching or mis-matching your clothes & shoes is for twins in pre-school. For example, if you and your boy have the same shoes in different colors, don't wear one color on one foot and the other color on the other foot. That's a bad look.

I can't think of anything else right now, but when I do, I will let you know.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Hello God...

...It's me again, Hamilton. How are you? I'm ok, just checking in because we haven't talked in a little while. How's your son? That's good, I was sure he'd be alright. Well, the real reason i wanted to talk to you today is because I have a small thing to ask you. I know you have a plan and all that, and that all your designs are created for a reason, but I'm feeling like I need to have some modifications done in my body area. If you wouldn't mind too much I'd really appreciate it if you would turn me into a skinny, falsetto singing white boy. Thanks again for everything, talk to you soon...


Friday, August 3, 2007

Patrick smells like cheese...

...and it's only because he got a job at champs. For most of the summer I worked, but I didn't have a "job" per se. I decided that it was time to do something about that, so I got myself hired at a law firm. Now I smell like cheese too.

My Favorite Team

I've been a Dodgers fan since birth. But sometime around the middle of high school, I became one of those guys who follows the team like it's his life. By that, I mean, I started checking high school scouting sites in January, a full 6 months before the draft. So when Clayton Kershaw came out of nowhere, and slipped to the Dodgers, I actually knew what was going on, and was ecstactic. Now that he is dominating (2.83 ERA, 129 K in 92.1 IP) in low A, playing against guys who are 2 and 3 years older than him, I feel some sort of special connection to his path to the majors.

I can hear you now.
"Baseball is boring"
"It takes too long"
"There is no action"
"I can have fun at the game, but watching it on TV is boring"

Well, I can see why you think that. If you don't know the game, baseball can be boring. It's fruitless to tell you how it can be exciting to see a pitcher have the balls to throw a 3-2 slider. You don't need to know all of the intricacies of the game to enjoy it. Just find a few favorite players on your favorite team, and watch them (hopefully) succeed.

Since you might be in LA, you are obligated to be a Dodgers fan (yes, you are).
Here are some guys that you'll hopefully be seeing for years to come down at Chavez Ravine.

Catcher: Russell Martin
Personally, he's my favorite. One reason is that one of his middle names is Coltrane. Another reason is that he's really good at baseball. I'll skip all of the other things, like he is interracial, yet raised by his black father; he had a position change that basically paved his way to the majors; and that he's Canadian, and had to travel miles to high school just to play baseball and not hockey.

Now, can I tell you how good he is. Aside from the stuff they'll tell you on TV like how he's fast for a catcher, and he gets his uniform dirty, he's also really really good offensively. 18 stolen bases through 103 games is unheard of from a catcher, combined with his 12 home runs and he's put up great numbers for a second baseman. The difference between second base and catcher is that the catcher has to sit in an uncomfortable crouch all game. In most cases, teams sacrifice offense at catcher for good defense (see, Giants, San Francisco). So to have your best offense player play your most demanding position is something you just don't find often. Add to that, that he's on pace to play the most games by a catcher in recent memory, and you have a formula for a fan favorite.

First Baseman: James Loney
Quiet, unassuming, overlooked.

James Loney was the big Dodger prospect, then he got hurt and had two down seasons in a row. He was passed up by Martin and several others. Then, something happened and he started mashing again. The image of first base is something like Ryan Howard. Big, powerful, charismatic, lots of home runs, not a whole lot of defense. Loney is the opposite. He's tall, but not that big, was a better pitcher in high school than he was a hitter, doesn't hit a lot of homers, goes the other way, hits singles and doubles, will surely win some gold gloves.

James Loney is not your franchise cornerstone first baseman, he's the guy that you pencil into your lineup year after year for solid offense and great defense. Essentially, he's the guy that nobody notices because he does exactly what he's supposed to do.

Outfielder: Matt Kemp

Athletic, strong, prodigious.

Kemp is that guy. The guy that was a basketball player in high school. The one who runs like a linebacker ready to go head on with Lorenzo Neal, and the one who has hit some of the hardest hit balls we've seen at Dodger Stadium over the past two years. Kemp doesn't have the charisma and popularity of Martin, or the unassuming talent of Loney. What he does have, is easily the highest offensive ceiling of the 3. He would hit 30 homers if he could start every day.

So, you have the charismatic leader, the unassuming lefty, and the powerful, flashy, outfielder.
Which one are you, and which one is your alias. The youngsters on the Dodgers should be here for a long time. There's Andre Ethier, Tony Abreu, Chad Billingsley, Andy LaRoche, Jonathan Broxton, and more, but these guys are the "big 3."

Hopefully they can lead us to this.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007


I'm a young black male
I have a lot of Air Jordans
I play basketball a lot
My girlfriend has a big booty
I have an expensive phone
I listen to rap music a lot

This isn't a good look for me right now.