Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Tuesday, October 30, 2007


If you're anything like me, you remember this...

Sunday, October 28, 2007


I'm a 90s baby. You're welcome.

Monday, October 22, 2007

You Are Not Ready...

... for this.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

God Bless

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Barack Obama

On Friday, I went to see Barack Obama at ASU. Here's my thoughts.

I am going to vote for him. That's not really a question. My one doubt is how many of the promises he makes he can fulfill. Cheaper education could be tough, bringing the troops back immediately could be impossible, reforming the way Washington operates is just not going to happen. That said, I was extremely impressed by the speech. He came onto the stage with "Touch The Sky." Chicago Senator coming to a college campus, comes onto the stage with two Chicago MCs. Granted, he probably didn't pick the song, it was still a dope entrance. He touched on a lot of things, without going into too much detail, and without boring anyone. He made a small alcohol joke, which was appropriate for the setting. Then he told an inspiring story at the end.

I don't know if he's the next JFK, or if he's the future of American politics, or if he's the greatest thing since sliced bread, or anything like that. But, based on what I saw and heard, he has my vote.

Friday, October 19, 2007

I know it's not hip hop

But this is my Friday mix for today. Enjoy.


On Fridays, I never really know what's going to happen. I like to keep my options open, so that my plans can be versatile. I like to start the day with some good music, and possibly some homework that I might need to turn in for my afternoon classes. After that, I usually go to class and pretend to be interested in whatever subject the professor might want me to know about. By 3:30, I am done with classes and ready to start the fun. I call my friends to see what parties might be going on and once I know that, I can usually have a good idea of how much of an awesome night I will be having. Here's to Fridays.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


DJ Drama is out. That means There's a new mixtape out(Gangsta Grizziiiiiiilz). Thanks Drama.

p.s. where's cannon?

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

My 19th Birthday

yes, that is a stripper pole in my apartment.

Don't ask what's going on, because I have no idea.


Had a pretty calm day. I'm sitting her cleaning my room, and listening to the Getback.

I really need to just put stuff back when I take it out. I have at least 8 pairs of shoes out in the living room that I put out there so I could actually walk around to my desk.

Hopefully tomorrow gets started early. I need a haircut, and a car wash. Then I'll feel good about myself again.

Dante & I have a habit of listening to Weezy and dying as we realize the stuff he says.
Regardless, I've been told that he's top 5 all time, so I'll run with that.

It was my birthday last week, I'll post some pics.

angry edit



Today was Monday.
Monday's are interesting because they mean I have all 4 of my classes, and I actually don't work. Here's how my day went.

I woke up at 9, and sat around for a while until it was time to leave for class.
My first class was at 11. We watched a Cuban film. It was really interesting.
My next class was at 1. My spanish teacher threatened to take off 5 oral proficiency points if I were to take out my phone again. I still find it funny how he flirts with all the girls in the class.
Right after Spanish, I went to Intro To Writing Poetry. I loathe that class. My TA is annoying, and they don't teach anything. They just sit there and read poems then talk about how cool they are. The fact that she won't let me rhyme my poems is really hurting my chances of becoming a rap star and ufcking an r&b chick like mya.
After that boring class, I went to work for a few seconds to toss some boxes around. I really want to quit that job.
I went to my last class, did absolutely nothing. I sat there and pretended to pay attention.
After class, we went to the Nike outlet. We got some "uniforms" for our basketball team. Then, all of my roommates bought shoes that I already have. SMH.
We called Wing Stop after Nike, and went to scoop up some wings.
I ate a bunch of wings, chilled for a minute then went to play some basketball

If you're wondering when I found time to do homework, you'll realize that I didn't do homework.

Tuesday I have one class, but two different jobs.


School & Work have taken over my life.
12 credit hours plus 25-30 work hours is tough.
Plus, after that, I have to fit in time for food, parties, basketball, and the requisite amount of doing nothing. In the mix of that, I have sorta forgotten about this blog. Well, saying I forgot would be wrong. More accurately, I have forgotten to take time to write. I come up with ideas all the time, but I'm just not in a place or time where I can put the proverbial pen to the proverbial paper.

It's my goal to say something daily. If the two of you that read this blog can help me do that, it would be fun.

k thx
-ur bff pat

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Dream Merchant

Honestly, I'm not too good with albums with one producer, and a bunch of different rappers. I love "The Shining" but past that most of them are wack. So.....pat is tryung to ge4t wild qith this blogger thing. anyways he said i am not making any ssence with shit slogget bukl. but we are aplyuing footbaklg but he suck!!!!! hHhHHhHHHhH its okay tho becauze he is trying. anyqyas we are wirting for chirs bronw.. yaaaaaaaah babyt. ohhhhh yeag, i wanbt me somt og tyhat. !!!!!! WHOOOOOOOTTT HOOOIOOOT. oh yea sex is gooooooooooooood. hqhhyhhhaaa yummmy. im no ho. rite pat? I LOVE U!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah, so like I was saying. Go get Dream Merchant Vol. 2

edit: love you too

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Friday, October 12, 2007

"You Know What This Is...

It's a celebration bitches... grab a drink, grab a glass. After that I grab your ass."

-Kan, the Louis Vuitton Don

This one goes out to P. Mac on his 19th birthday. Fellas, throw some paper his way. Ladies, Throw some (SEXY TIIME, IT'S NICE) his way.

Somebody in the AZ make sure this guy is out of control

P.S. Phonte leaked the getback... but i'm not giving you that one.

Thursday, October 11, 2007


...create ulcers. I've heard the words "I'm fucked" too many times this week. What is wrong with our educational system these days when students are scared into learning/studying?

Monday, October 8, 2007


Little Brother and Lil Wayne did a song...

I'm afraid you all will have to get it here

Monday, October 1, 2007

November 6

Is gonna be insane.

American Gangster & Nas Greatest Hits.

Still undecided on if I really even need that Nas CD though. Kinda wack to buy a whole CD for just one new song. Ehh, we shall see.