Monday, February 4, 2008


18 - 1

One tiny blemish.

You're not perfect. You weren't good enough. You got beat when it counted most. The perfect season didn't happen.

These are my thoughts.

The Pats were real good. Today, they didn't seem excited to play football. They came out flat in the first quarter, and the Giants really wanted it. They were never supposed to be in that game. They were a wild card, and they struggled uphill all season. Eli Manning is not Peyton Manning, and he was never supposed to step out of his brother's shadow. HOWEVER, today, Eli Manning has become Eli Manning, and the team that nobody believed in has fulfilled their Cinderella story. Cheers, New York.

I am reminded of a not so believed in Loyola Football that was never supposed to be in the CIF finals against Esperanza and I think of a very interesting point. Sometimes, when you have nothing to lose, and no one expects anything of you, you work that much harder. Underdogs are everyone's favorite teams. I can remember being younger and wanting to do my very best because no one expected it, and sometimes, that's all it takes to dethrone an undefeated team.

p.s. Steve Smith is the man. Period.

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Patrick said...

I'm tired of all ya'll football n****s equating every underdog story to our senior year.

just kidding, but sadly I missed the game being at work. smh