Friday, February 8, 2008

Q & A: Willie

This week, I had a lunch meeting with a good friend of mine. She's a really talented artist and dancer, but she has a boy's name. Weird right? Just kidding... sorta. I decided that it would be cool to interview Willie(told you) and see what she's been up to lately. It turned out that she's up to many things. Let's see how she's getting her OWN...

Hamilton: So, tell me a little bit about your interests
Willie: Well they usually change on a monthly basis, but right now I love to draw. Thats pretty much how i occupy my time. I still love to dance too but it's taken a back seat to drawing
H: so today, would you call yourself more of an artist or a dancer?
W: Hmm. Thats kind of difficult because I have more dance training than artistic training but I draw more so I guess for today I am an artist......but that could change next month.

H: Understandable. How would you describe your "personal style"?
W: Well thats a hard question haha. My style is bits and pieces of what I like about every other style all mixed together so it makes something completely different
H: What kinds of things catch your eye when you're deciding what to add to your personal style?
W: Well I think it's boring to dress like everyone else, so, I guess things that are different and weird yet still flattering......its a fine balance between crazy and my style lol

H: And what are you drawing these days?
W: Well a lot of my time is dedicated to my drawing class, which is different for me because I've never taken a drawing class before, so that is a lot of perspective and stuff. [It's] not really what a like but the training is always helpful. Personally i'm working on making stencil art but w/out the stencil and spray paint, only pens
H: Would you mind elaborating on that?
W: I love how stencils look and don't have the time to go tag, so I usually take a picture of a person and I can make a stencil-like picture out of it because I know how stencils work, its only on a smaller scale. I've also been doing a lot of my friends album covers and shoes..... they pretty much just tell me what they want and I draw it

H: That's really cool. Who are your favorite artists?
W: Dali, Warhol, Peter Max, Richard Hamilton, Lichtenstein. I have more i just can't think of em

H: so yeah, all the guys want to know what your situation is... you single or what?
W: Hahahaha ya im single
H: What are you looking for in a guy?
W: Hmm well i'm always really attracted to a guy who has a hobbie they love....wether that be music, or sports, or art and are soooo into it, thats just really attractive to me. I like guys who don't have style like everyone else, they don't have to have a style as crazy as mine, just a little something different. always a sucker for a guy in a flannel and a fitted
H: That's funny, I seem to have just put on a flannel. Well keep it up, and we look forward to seeing your art all over the place... legally
W: I hope it gets around!

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