Monday, March 24, 2008

Couples & Style

My friend tried convincing me that Nas and Kelis are the perfect couple when it comes to style. I disagreed for the sake of disagreeing, because that's just what I do sometimes.

But that got me thinking, when I'm rich, how would I want my girl to dress.
It's like, I want the girl who works out in the newest Air Maxes, but that girl isn't usually the one with the 6" Christian Louboutins. Ya know, she can pull off Dunks or Jordans for that afternoon on La Brea followed by lunch at Roscoe's. But then, she can pull off a designer gown for dinner in Beverly Hills that night.

As far as I can see, Nasir, Shawn, and Kanye all have theirs.

I'm gonna go get my own.

(Note: a girl can be fine as hell, and dress nice too, but if she's crazy, she's crazy ... and you aren't going to change that)

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mabel jean said...

found your blog thru NT - totally agree w/ you on this post - nice blog