Monday, March 10, 2008

Girl Friends Appreciation

You got, well you know, the haters
They wanna be tough guys all of the sudden
Hit you with the ice-cooler, you know
Hehe, cause you boys ain't with you
Little do they know, your girl roll harder than
Some of yo n***as

Puff said it best.

Day by day, I'm gaining a greater appreciation for girls that are nothing more than just friends. Maybe it's because I went to an all boys high school, but I never had many girl friends. Now I really appreciate the female perspective.

Don't get me wrong, my boys will always come first, but I love my girls.

Thanks for giving me that girl advice, thanks for giving me someone to talk to about stuff most dudes can't understand. Sometimes, you've heard, "Man, if you aren't hitting that then you need to drop that with the quickness," one too many times. Thanks to the girls who've told me that if I really like her I need to tell her.

Oh, and that one friend that you have, hook that up.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Awww Paty!

You are too damn cute. But i feel on having a good opposite sex friend you are that to me...

And I have said to you once or Twice hook it up with that friend.