Thursday, April 10, 2008

And I Flatly Refuse

If anything I say here offends you, then I'm talking about you.
It's cool, I still love you.

- ... if you're a girl, and you posted something about a guy on here, then you are an idiot. If you let a dude hit the first time you met him, solely based on the fact that he wears a jersey, then you deserve to not get called back. If I were to smash first night, why would I call her back, other than to beat again. I mean really. If you let me hit first night, what other n*ggas are you letting slide in there. And I'm supposed to wife you? HAHA. sorry.

- Girls acting "brand new." ... This isn't directed to anyone, so don't get butthurt before you read this. But, I'm sorry, I'm tired of girls playing that same "all guys are the same" business. If you don't know how to communicate with me like an adult, then your feelings are going to get hurt. Like, for example, if you like me, and don't tell me that, I'm not just going to assume, and feel like I have any sort of responsibility towards making you happy. So don't get mad if you see me with someone else. You should've said something. Oh, and when you take that L, don't go running around saying that I'm a bad person. Because then you look salty and mad.

- Good girls getting mad ... You know the "good" girls. The ones you would wife, if you weren't in college and didn't have other ways you'd rather spend your time and money. Sorry to those girls, but there's nothing I can do. Don't run around all mad because all of the guys chase smuts. You chose to do that. So don't be mad.

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