Thursday, April 10, 2008

Hip-Hop You Saved My Life

You know those days.

Everything goes wrong. From the jump.
Like, you didn't sleep well, you woke up late, you got in an argument with someone, you got terrible news, then you had to work for like 8 hours.

That was me yesterday.
I felt like absolute doo-doo.

Then you get in the car to go home.
And not really thinking about it, you zone out to a CD (or iPod FM Transmitter) and it makes you stop worry.

Thanks Phonte & Big Pooh.
'Preciate it.

1 comment:

thE oLd SouL said...

i feel you. The week that album came out, I had one the worst weeks i can remember. That album was one of things that got me through that week...