Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Love Jones

I'm co-chair of my university's BSU. We have an event called "Love Jones Cafe", held once a quarter. It showcases poets, musicians, and dancers in somewhat of an open mic format. This is the poem I recited last Thursday.

I like it when you speak softly
It reminds me of times
When my imagination was lofty
And I thought of you
In sun dresses
As the sun kissed off your tresses
We made no promises
Because life was so simple
I looked into your eyes
And it was no surprise
That I saw something small flicker inside
You averted them, trying to hide
But like one who argues for a living
My judgment calls out “motion denied”
And my motions coincide
With my intention to know you
Hoping that this moment can grow too
Into one half a forever
So that I might still be kept in the dark
Because that’s where I feel most alive
Not knowing where I’m going
Still feeling like an infant
Because I need you, I’m dependent
In an instant
All my fears are tossed to the wind
Because you’re here
And I can hear your voice
Like I said, I like it when you speak softly
It lets me know that what you’ve said belongs to me

Your kisses taste like honey
And I don’t think it’s funny
How you keep yourself from me
Tonight I’m going to make you mine
I’m going to slow down time
So that we last
And since snoop told me not to do it fast
My stroke will not be rushing
If you’re in the audience, I’m sure you’re blushing
Because you know what lies in store for you
And I know what I’ve got to do

Let’s sit outside
It’s a nice night out
Watch the stars, because there are none
Where I come from
You see, I live in los angeles
And it’s very quickly paced
But time slows down
when I look at your face
And when we’re done looking at stars
We can do whatever you desire
I can take you higher
If you so choose
It all depends on your mood
Because I’m here to please you
I refuse to tease you
As my all is forfeited

If we choose to travel across the stars
You can be assured that your north star will guide me
Due to the fact that I am the big dipper
And will act as such while your ursa major
Is influenced by the fact that your Orion’s belt has loosened
And we might call an Aquarius
To deal with my dehydration

I don’t want to breathe
Until you tell me you believe
In what this could become
You have me under your thumb
And I’m ok with that
Because for now
That’s the best thumb I’ve ever been under
And others wonder what I’m doing with my life
But I don’t care because I’ve finally found a remedy
For all those things I’ve cleverly
Been paying no attention to

Thank you.

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