Friday, April 18, 2008


Forbes: 10 Shoes Every Man Should Own

Forbes helped you out, if you're a corporate businessman.

I'm going to attempt to help you college aged kids out.

I'm not going to add dress shoes in here, but if you don't have at least a brown pair and a black pair, then you're slackin'.

Jordan XI. Black & Red. You can wear these to ball, but be careful of dirty looks from dudes who are mad that you have the courage to play in yours. You can wear 'em with jeans too. I mean, you can wear them whenever, but let's say these are your ballin' shoes. And, if you're going to have a ballin' shoe, why not pick the one Mike wore when the Bulls won 72. Word to pinstripes and the gold logo.

2.Air Max 90 Infrared. Classic air maxes. You can use these at the gym, or with jeans. They're colorful, so they work well in the summer. And they're mostly mesh, so one time in the wash and they almost look new. You don't necessarily have to get these, but if I had to pick 5 shoes, I'd have a pair of air maxes. And that's the truth, ruth.

3. Vans Era. White. You could rock Chuck's too, or Jacks. It doesn't really matter to me. But an all white canvas shoes is so necessary. Like the 90s, you can wash them, and there's plenty of times when a full on sneaker doesn't work. You can slide these on to go to the post office, or slide 'em on to go get lunch at one of those fancy Hollywood spots while you pretend to be famous with your big sunglasses. So versatile.

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