Thursday, April 10, 2008

Sorry Jeezy

I used to hate you.
Now I don't.

Your lyricism isn't the best. You rap about the same thing pretty much all the time. Sure, your ad libs can be annoying too.

I like your swagger.
(No Clay Aiken)

You and Rick Ross are like wannabe southern Jay-Zs. You constantly yell about how you're the best. You're not, and you probably know that.

But, when I'm in that mood (No Lance Bass) to grab my nuts and yell "F*** the world," I play your music.

Oh, and to you backpackers who hate because he doesn't constantly rap about conscious stuff:
(sup hank)


thE oLd SouL said...

(sup hank)

LMFAO!!!!! I remember that tape he made.

BlaKsmith said...

lol yo fuck you pat. I told you he's not wack cause he doesn't rap about conscious shit, he's wack cuz hes wack. PERIOD. Real dudes can make fun "party/club" tracks and conscious and pretty much whatever they want. Also, I wouldn't even mind if he just made party music. Just do it well. And he doesn't. Look if you want good drug rap, listen to jay-z, listen to ghostface, listen to wu-tang, listen to scarface, there's gotta be more I'm not thinking of right now. If you want that hard shit (pause) listen to Guilty Simpson. You want some fuckin bitches shit, listen to some Madlib and/or J Dilla (THE GREATEST EVER PERIOD, A MOTHERFUCKING GOD). Look, Jeezy has catchy adlibs, he should stick to that. Just like he did on Can't Tell Me Nothing. Kanye knew what was up. Alright I'm pretty much done... O Yeah Blu is the motherfucking shit. Blu is conscious, fun, girl, etc. emcee's needa model themselves after shit like that, NOT Jeezy. O yeah check out homeboysandman, he's one of my friends on my site, (nice plug huh). HE's CRAZY, sandman is a BEAST.