Tuesday, May 13, 2008

24 To Live

So I'm 'studying' and I came across Harlem World.

24 HRs to live.

Shhh got me thinking. What if I had 24 to live.

I really planned out every minute in my head, but that would take to long to type out, and I have a final in like 7 hours, and still need to catch some ZZZs.

So here are the highlights:

All my homies from high school. Back in the gym for one last run. Not one of those loose, everybody is jackin' up random 3s runs either. One of those, shirt grabbing, no easy buckets games. You know, when it's up to 11 but before it starts you know it's going to 15, no win by 2. For the record, I'd have to hit a step-back 3 on 14-14.

I'd spend some more time with my LA people. Hit all the spots for one last time. And I'd eat a #1 at Roscoe's (all wings, of course) and not get the itis.

I'd take that hour flight out to AZ, joining the mile high club while in the process. No contraception either, if my seed comes to life, so be it.

I'd apologize to every girl I've ever done wrong, and make peace with all of the dudes I've gotten into fights with.

I'd get all of my friends together. Huge party. I'd pay my respects, have a great time. Shot after shot, no black out. No drink spilled on my Jordans. No fights, no drama. Just me & my boys pretending we're Nas, Jay and Puff in the 'Roc Boys' video. And girls snapping pictures for Facebook, because that's 'default status'.

I've thought about some more stuff, but that's pretty much all of the fun stuff. Back to the books.

Share yours in the comments, or on your blog, and post the link in the comments.

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