Friday, June 27, 2008

Sup Blood

This is a problem I see that is growing more and more.

Fake Gangsters.

If you aren't in a gang, don't yell "suuuwwooop" or say to me "that's a lot of red you got on cuz"

I grew up in a crip neighborhood in South Central Los Angeles. Sorry, South Los Angeles. Anyways, maybe I'm sensitive to the situation because I've seen n_s on Crenshaw rollin' (no pun intended) mad deep all wearing the same color. I'm not going to doubt if you have affiliations or what not, but I'd question why you'd yell something out if you aren't in it. So go ahead and yell whatever you yell, your favorite rapper did it, why can't you. Just watch where you do it, and when somebody rolls up on you, just know your actions, because as my man Rico in Paid In Full says ...

N___s get shot everyday b

Sidenote: That Paul Pierce video is purely for comedic purposes.

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