Wednesday, June 25, 2008

This Dude Hov

Smellin’ like Patron, singin’ dirty rap songs
Tiptoeing in the crib like six in the morn
Everyday its the same,
I said in Blueprint that I’ll never change
Its just a part of the game
Respect me, I’m a thug
I might cool out for a sec, but expect me to bug, its in my blood
But if my chick leave me, she gon’ leave me for something
She gon leave me cause-a Halle
She ain’t gon leave me for nothing!
Picture me getting a nut with somethin’ sleazy
Somethin’-somethin’ so easy
You can take out a speed like nuttin’ somethin’
Soon as you finish cuttin’, you like “Leave me, please”
Not me, I need Angelina Jolieezy comfort
So I ain’t gon make a move unless I got a plan, B
That’ll happen the day I have a baby by Free
Not to say that anything is wrong with Free
Just to say that ain’t nothin’ wrong with me
If my hand’s in the cookie jar, know one thing:
I’ma take the cookie, not leave my ring
If my hand’s in the cookie jar, know one thing:
I’ma take…(laughs) ya’ll know what I mean

This dude Hov.
*shakes head*


eboogie said...

see what i discovered it yall some snitch lovers; i might speak but i dont fuck with nobody...


thE oLd SouL said...

One of my favorite tracks from Kingdom Come.