Sunday, August 10, 2008

Ignorance Is Bliss

Last night, I was called less black because I don't say the N word enough. When I responded to that with a question as to why choosing to not say a word my ancestors heard as they were hung from trees made me less black, the person posing the questions changed his stance, and that being from California meant that I had to be "gangsta" and that me not using the N word made me less "gangsta."

If that was a white person, I would've shrugged it off as someone who just isn't going to get it, but as this came from a black person, I was able to reflect on it as a chance to try and bring some knowledge to those people and be the change I wish to seek.

Let me clear up that I don't care how often you use the N word, I made a personal choice to use the word less when I visited However, the whole thought that someone could be less black because of the use of a word is completely ridiculous. But it's cool, I'm sure Martin Luther King's daughter, or Emmett Till's family have great thoughts of the word.

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