Sunday, September 14, 2008


I would like to inform you of 5 of my close personal friends and family that are out in the world creating great music that you should be aware of. This is volume one of Get Your Own's Buzz.

Chettah - Official Entertainment

Chettah, a solo artist, and my good friend is an artist who exudes swagger and has a knack for wordplay. You may check out his myspace at :


Hugh Augustine - BTB Records

Hugh Augustine, my brother, is a modern Griot. He is adept at storytelling and has an incisive tongue that would make a dictionary quiver. A lyricist through and through, and you may make yourself more aware at:


Fly Guys - Official Entertainment

The Fly Guys consist of Enimal, Tone, and DJB, three of the Flyest Guys this side of the universe. They can make you melt, or cause you to take your clothes off(ladies) at a glance, so be careful. Listen to their music at:


Happy Listening, and remember, GET YOUR OWN.

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