Friday, February 27, 2009

Weekend Time

you know how me and ye do

Oh. My. God.

So, my homie put me up on this site called like cool, which is just a blog of awesome and cool new things that are coming out or have been invented. Today, they featured a flying car. Hellz yeah. Now it's up to me to get paid so I can afford one.


But I love it

Thursday, February 26, 2009


So, one of the new things I do now is check this blog called F My Life, It's pretty funny. The premise of the site is that there are stories people share about how their life sucks/how they got into situations that suck. Some of them are pretty outrageous. If you're bored, I suggest you check it out.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Fat Tuesday

So yesterday was Mardi Gras, or Fat Tuesday in English. I had a really good day, and I was excited to hang out with my friends right before Lent. We had a fun night, and we all pretty much acted as much of a fool that is legally allowed. I just wanted to say that I wouldn't trade the people in my life that are really dope for anything, and that although I didn't always think I would grow into the person that I am, I am thankful for all the twists and turns in life that have led me here. 2009 is shaping up to be a really good year. Holler.

Oh yeah, keep sending us emails, I like answering them. Also, you get some shine on the blog

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Somebody, Anybody!

Get me these.

And another one...

...Bites the dust. I was kinda sad this week cause she's so fine, but Ray took the pimp route and she was in fact being kinda(very) shady. So I can't really be that upset, but she probably would have won if it was my show.

BTW, this is how I imagined Chicago Larry

Saturday, February 21, 2009

I'm Back

In Arizona.

Word to 23

I Wonder....

    follow me on Twitter

    ...if that works...

    Friday, February 20, 2009


    Today, somebody recognized me on campus today

    They asked me if I was a poet, and then proceeded to tell me that my poem "dear music" was a genius concept.

    Thanks for the ego boost, universe.

    That's all I wanted to say. Wanna see some girls?

    Tuesday, February 17, 2009

    On a Quest

    ...For the ever elusive "G". Video is funny yo.

    Monday, February 16, 2009

    A Few Things

    1. School is very busy right now. I'm in midterms and they're running my life. Not to mention all the other stuff I'm involved in.

    2. Emails. Send us some.

    3. People with blogs, AKA everyone and their mom. Just remember who is the originator (in our circles), not that you forgot. Est. Spring 2007.

    4. Women are beautiful, and I enjoy them thoroughly.

    5. Valentine's Day. I had a fun one, and I hope you fellas treated your ladies nice, because they deserve it. Flowers go a long way, and you might need to grab some if you messed up real bad. However, they're not magical... so you also have to do some work.

    6. Movies. I can't wait for Coraline. There, I said it.

    7. Mixtape. I'm doing one. Just wait and see.

    8. Glasses. Sometimes I wish I couldn't see just so I could have a reason to wear them. I wear them anyway.

    9. Rain. Sucks.

    10. Twitter. Follow me, into the mists of Avalon.

    Sunday, February 15, 2009


    I had to redo this, cause Sean makes me laugh.

    Friday, February 13, 2009

    Kurt Warner

    Is now officially "that dude"

    Drake - So Far Gone

    from octobersveryown.

    Thursday, February 12, 2009

    Kanye Speaking Some Truth

    hats off to Martin Louis The King, Jr.

    Wednesday, February 11, 2009


    Yo, Michelle Obama is easily the finest woman ever. I'm not even that attracted to her physically, but everything about her just exudes class and grace in such a way that just makes me want her to father my children. Something about her confidence is so sexy, and I love that she is a good(great) mother as well as an amazing wife. She posts up in the background like a pimp when she needs to let B do his thing, not subservient, just calmly allowing her man to handle. When she needs to be in the forefront or speak up, she says something poignant and well timed.

    ...ladies, she should be your role model. She is THE First Lady. Oh, and she's on the cover of Vogue in March... obviously.

    Tuesday, February 10, 2009

    How to lose friends...

    ...and alienate people features Kirsten Dunst...

    ...and Megan Fox.

    -Point, Fox.

    Mark Me Down

    For one of these instead, You know i like to wear a lot of black.

    DQM G-Shock

    I want.

    Monday, February 9, 2009

    Examining The Sitution. Vol. CB FTL

    New poll up on the sidebar for you punks.

    I figured I'd give my answer. It's Chris Brown, if you ain't already know.

    Here's why. A-Rod still makes $32 mil this year, and Phelps isn't going to jail. Chris not only gets looked at as an abuser, but he may go to jail.

    I was wondering how this happening to Chris Brown is different than how it would happen to other people. Chris Brown, for lack of other details, is that light skinned dude who's always grinning and who presumably takes down any woman he wants but still has Rihanna. You know, that dude that every guy is sorta salty about because every girl has at some point had a dream of letting CB 'Run it.' Because of this most of the people I know feel like Chris was definitely in the wrong for hitting a girl and that he surely overreacted. The general consensus I'm getting is something like "Shame on Chris for hitting a woman. I don't look at him the same."

    Am I wrong for thinking that if it wasn't Chris Brown, and it was someone like your favorite rapper, you would have a different response. Maybe it's just my way of thinking, but "B must've been out of line. Hov ain't like that *throws up <>*." would be more likely than the response Mr. Breezy is getting.

    Another thing. DON'T HIT WOMEN, unless you gon' do it like my dude Rico

    New New

    Wale, Young Chris & Tre from UCB - Nightlife
    Haters I ain't seein' em, Don't even believe in em
    They are Skip Bayless I'm the forward from Clevel-a-land

    Asher Roth - I Love College (Video)

    My new shoes.

    no Lauren London

    Answering Emails

    yo guys,
    it's me n------ from ------ ---- don't know if you remember me or whatever. anyways i think your blog is sick shit man. well you asked for some emails so i could only be so kind as to send one ya know. well my first thought is like what do you guys think of new hip hop? i mean like i like some weezy songs and some kanye songs of course but i love the old shit so much more. or even mf doom and danger mouse shit. like are there some cool new underground artists out there making some music that has that same vibe as the classics, know what i mean? oh and i gotta say i love that lil clip of obama brushing his shoulders off. that's fucking pimp man. oh well anyways probably wrote too much already as i've had a few too many beers. take it easy guys and keep up the good work. peace
    oh and ps hamilton those are some heavy duty eyebrows there kid.
    naw just kidding man don't trip.


    First of all, thanks. We really appreciate all the love everybody has shown us so far, and thanks for the email as it is our first one and I gotta answer the first email. as far as new hip hop goes, i'd say that there are a lot of good things going on, as well as a lot of bad things going on. Thank God snap music has kind of died out. Thank God for the reduction of hyphy's prevalence in my life. I hate soulja boy (even though his music IS catchy).

    all that having been said, I do have a short list from the top of my head for people to watch in 2009

    -Colin Munroe. he's a singer, but still hip hop kinda. very good, and only a couple songs are out so he's brand new. keep a lookout.
    -Drake. this is the dude that used to be on degrassi, but now raps. he's really good though... trust me. he has gotten down with lil wayne on a couple songs, and he's signed to that label so he should be dropping fairly soon.
    -Charles Hamilton. he's pretty solid, been around for a while(according to me) and is doing a lot of mixtape stuff right now
    -Wale. he's all over mtv right now, but he's rooted in the mixtapes. check him out
    -Asher Roth. your neighborhood friendly white rapper. he has spit, however, and reminds me of a younger eminem, although that seems a little cliche. regardless, his video for i love college just made it onto mtv, so he'll probably blow up soon.

    Honestly, I'm not listening to a lot of rappers right now. my itunes is growing with names like Paramore, Morrissey, MGMT, Lily Allen, and some random Techno mixes that are by Ministry of Sound or whoever, so maybe I'm the wrong guy to ask about hip hop specifically. I hope this helped, and I'd say if you're only gonna choose one out of all those artists to listen to, go for Asher, cause he's probably the most "underground" of all of them, whatever that means.

    Until the next episode

    Happy Birthday

    Thanks for the inspiration

    Friday, February 6, 2009

    Jimmy V

    Thursday, February 5, 2009

    A Task For You

    Vote for Asher.

    He's clearly the best choice.

    Tip for the day: Oral Hygiene

    Keep it fresh.

    My new unnecessary addiction

    is this show... there is no reason I should watch it, and there is no reason that it should be interesting to me. My penis, on the other hand, is smitten. There are some good looking(depending on your definition) women on here and my room mates and I are already hooked. We have probably watched the first episode 5 times already.

    It's cool to me because Ray J is closer in age to me than all the other guys/girls they have had on these shows, and therefore, the ladies are also closer to me in age. Also, he's not exactly done with his music career(ahem, flav) so it keeps it current, I guess. Lastly, the dude says funny stuff in his confessional, which makes the show better.

    All in all, I really don't like reality tv that much, but this is one vice I'm just gonna have to live with.

    Calling Kobe?

    Yo Mamba, try and leap this.

    Aston Martin V12 Vantage Coupe

    Oh Noz

    A one dollar bill

    Wednesday, February 4, 2009

    Good Morning

    I'm trying this new thing where I don't sleep through the entire day. So far, it's working out pretty well. I am up at 730 right now, and it's very quiet around these parts, which is nice. Also, I have some time to do homework for my classes that start at 1pm (I know, I have a sweet schedule), and maybe even throw in a workout. However, I will be going to Jiu Jitsu class later so that I can learn to break your bones, so maybe that workout will have to wait until tomorrow.

    So that's me, just checking in. No fancy opinions, or witty remarks, although my new favorite thing to say is "Ka-tow, KA-TOWWWW" (Ray J). His new show is funny, in a very sad kind of way...

    Tuesday, February 3, 2009


    First and foremost, shout out to Ammo. She killed it on her Facebook VLOG or whatever you call those things. I decided to recap some of my thoughts from the weekend and stuff cause a lot happened.

    1. I cleaned my house (with my room mates) - it's nice to have a clean house. I'm proud of it and anyone is allowed to visit now.

    2. The Superbowl was awesome - Unless you subscribe to Comcast in Tuscon(pat?), in which case it was more awesome. "Hey dummy" is probably my favorite quote from the commercials.

    3. New music - I'm listening to Paramore, Colin Munroe, Drake, U-N-I, Wayne, MGMT, and a couple others.

    4. Working out - Today I woke myself up hella early (830) and made myself run to the gym and lift when I got there. I probably live a half a mile from the gym. I'm proud of myself, and by the spring I'll probably take my shirt off.

    5. Barack - I know I haven't really spoken on it, but I feel like I owe you guys a talk about that. It'll get its own post.

    6. My friends - a lot of my friends are going through it right now, myself included, and I just wanted to tell them to keep their heads up

    7. Clothing - I did some baller shit and bought a MHI shirt and some trainer IIIs this weekend, so that's what's up. Still fresher than you? YES.

    8. Haircuts - I need one... BADLY

    9. Twitter - You guys really need to get a twitter and add me as a friend, cause that shit makes me happy. MC hammer, Wale, and ?uestlove keep me laughing on the tweets.

    10. Videos - coming soon to a near you.

    aaaaaaand, I think I'll leave it at 10 for now.

    (Throwback: "when girls see me out they be like 'oooh, where my camera at?'")

    You Know That Invincible Feeling?

    I got that right now.

    Sorta like this

    Monday, February 2, 2009

    Sunday, February 1, 2009

    You're Not Supposed To LIke This

    But you will.

    Ay Man - Weezy (Feat. Skateboard P)

    This n_ Wayne just mumbled through a whole song.

    But, this files under the category of "I'm not trying to hear 'Black Girl Lost' in the club." Because as we all know, girls like Weezy and Pharrell. They also like dancing, and there is a decent chance they would dance to this song. That's because girls are delusional, they think if they work it to this song that Weezy is gonna come out of nowhere and make them lick the wrapper. That's where you come in. Whisper some sweet nothings in this imaginary girl's ear about how you saw her favorite song on your favorite blog and how she can be your favorite girl.

    Psssshhh. And they said hip-hop was dead.

    If I'm not mistaken, Lil Wayne, the Lee Harvey Oswald of hip-hop just got you some cheeks on your white tee.

    Your welcome.