Monday, February 9, 2009

Answering Emails

yo guys,
it's me n------ from ------ ---- don't know if you remember me or whatever. anyways i think your blog is sick shit man. well you asked for some emails so i could only be so kind as to send one ya know. well my first thought is like what do you guys think of new hip hop? i mean like i like some weezy songs and some kanye songs of course but i love the old shit so much more. or even mf doom and danger mouse shit. like are there some cool new underground artists out there making some music that has that same vibe as the classics, know what i mean? oh and i gotta say i love that lil clip of obama brushing his shoulders off. that's fucking pimp man. oh well anyways probably wrote too much already as i've had a few too many beers. take it easy guys and keep up the good work. peace
oh and ps hamilton those are some heavy duty eyebrows there kid.
naw just kidding man don't trip.


First of all, thanks. We really appreciate all the love everybody has shown us so far, and thanks for the email as it is our first one and I gotta answer the first email. as far as new hip hop goes, i'd say that there are a lot of good things going on, as well as a lot of bad things going on. Thank God snap music has kind of died out. Thank God for the reduction of hyphy's prevalence in my life. I hate soulja boy (even though his music IS catchy).

all that having been said, I do have a short list from the top of my head for people to watch in 2009

-Colin Munroe. he's a singer, but still hip hop kinda. very good, and only a couple songs are out so he's brand new. keep a lookout.
-Drake. this is the dude that used to be on degrassi, but now raps. he's really good though... trust me. he has gotten down with lil wayne on a couple songs, and he's signed to that label so he should be dropping fairly soon.
-Charles Hamilton. he's pretty solid, been around for a while(according to me) and is doing a lot of mixtape stuff right now
-Wale. he's all over mtv right now, but he's rooted in the mixtapes. check him out
-Asher Roth. your neighborhood friendly white rapper. he has spit, however, and reminds me of a younger eminem, although that seems a little cliche. regardless, his video for i love college just made it onto mtv, so he'll probably blow up soon.

Honestly, I'm not listening to a lot of rappers right now. my itunes is growing with names like Paramore, Morrissey, MGMT, Lily Allen, and some random Techno mixes that are by Ministry of Sound or whoever, so maybe I'm the wrong guy to ask about hip hop specifically. I hope this helped, and I'd say if you're only gonna choose one out of all those artists to listen to, go for Asher, cause he's probably the most "underground" of all of them, whatever that means.

Until the next episode

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