Monday, February 9, 2009

Examining The Sitution. Vol. CB FTL

New poll up on the sidebar for you punks.

I figured I'd give my answer. It's Chris Brown, if you ain't already know.

Here's why. A-Rod still makes $32 mil this year, and Phelps isn't going to jail. Chris not only gets looked at as an abuser, but he may go to jail.

I was wondering how this happening to Chris Brown is different than how it would happen to other people. Chris Brown, for lack of other details, is that light skinned dude who's always grinning and who presumably takes down any woman he wants but still has Rihanna. You know, that dude that every guy is sorta salty about because every girl has at some point had a dream of letting CB 'Run it.' Because of this most of the people I know feel like Chris was definitely in the wrong for hitting a girl and that he surely overreacted. The general consensus I'm getting is something like "Shame on Chris for hitting a woman. I don't look at him the same."

Am I wrong for thinking that if it wasn't Chris Brown, and it was someone like your favorite rapper, you would have a different response. Maybe it's just my way of thinking, but "B must've been out of line. Hov ain't like that *throws up <>*." would be more likely than the response Mr. Breezy is getting.

Another thing. DON'T HIT WOMEN, unless you gon' do it like my dude Rico


Maximilian said...

its all about fuckin these skeezers right here!

Hamiltone said...

Chris Brown is the new Kevin Federline is the new Ike Turner is the new Henry VIII

Eggo said...

i'm thinking she said something so out of pocket that he spazzed out. how out of pocket? i dont mean to put the blame on her but if he is driving a lambo, what could've happen that was so bad that she'd throw the keys out and start wildin? we'll never know for sure. it doesn't justify it and his career is over for maybe a 10 second 2 jab combo.i expect this from weezy or jeezy (and oh yeah yeezy).never chris