Monday, February 16, 2009

A Few Things

1. School is very busy right now. I'm in midterms and they're running my life. Not to mention all the other stuff I'm involved in.

2. Emails. Send us some.

3. People with blogs, AKA everyone and their mom. Just remember who is the originator (in our circles), not that you forgot. Est. Spring 2007.

4. Women are beautiful, and I enjoy them thoroughly.

5. Valentine's Day. I had a fun one, and I hope you fellas treated your ladies nice, because they deserve it. Flowers go a long way, and you might need to grab some if you messed up real bad. However, they're not magical... so you also have to do some work.

6. Movies. I can't wait for Coraline. There, I said it.

7. Mixtape. I'm doing one. Just wait and see.

8. Glasses. Sometimes I wish I couldn't see just so I could have a reason to wear them. I wear them anyway.

9. Rain. Sucks.

10. Twitter. Follow me, into the mists of Avalon.


Anonymous said...

That Caroline movie is serious. No Joke...LOL

Hamiltone said...

it reminds me of pan's labyrinth