Tuesday, February 3, 2009


First and foremost, shout out to Ammo. She killed it on her Facebook VLOG or whatever you call those things. I decided to recap some of my thoughts from the weekend and stuff cause a lot happened.

1. I cleaned my house (with my room mates) - it's nice to have a clean house. I'm proud of it and anyone is allowed to visit now.

2. The Superbowl was awesome - Unless you subscribe to Comcast in Tuscon(pat?), in which case it was more awesome. "Hey dummy" is probably my favorite quote from the commercials.

3. New music - I'm listening to Paramore, Colin Munroe, Drake, U-N-I, Wayne, MGMT, and a couple others.

4. Working out - Today I woke myself up hella early (830) and made myself run to the gym and lift when I got there. I probably live a half a mile from the gym. I'm proud of myself, and by the spring I'll probably take my shirt off.

5. Barack - I know I haven't really spoken on it, but I feel like I owe you guys a talk about that. It'll get its own post.

6. My friends - a lot of my friends are going through it right now, myself included, and I just wanted to tell them to keep their heads up

7. Clothing - I did some baller shit and bought a MHI shirt and some trainer IIIs this weekend, so that's what's up. Still fresher than you? YES.

8. Haircuts - I need one... BADLY

9. Twitter - You guys really need to get a twitter and add me as a friend, cause that shit makes me happy. MC hammer, Wale, and ?uestlove keep me laughing on the tweets.

10. Videos - coming soon to a getyo.blogspot.com near you.

aaaaaaand, I think I'll leave it at 10 for now.

(Throwback: "when girls see me out they be like 'oooh, where my camera at?'")

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