Sunday, February 1, 2009

You're Not Supposed To LIke This

But you will.

Ay Man - Weezy (Feat. Skateboard P)

This n_ Wayne just mumbled through a whole song.

But, this files under the category of "I'm not trying to hear 'Black Girl Lost' in the club." Because as we all know, girls like Weezy and Pharrell. They also like dancing, and there is a decent chance they would dance to this song. That's because girls are delusional, they think if they work it to this song that Weezy is gonna come out of nowhere and make them lick the wrapper. That's where you come in. Whisper some sweet nothings in this imaginary girl's ear about how you saw her favorite song on your favorite blog and how she can be your favorite girl.

Psssshhh. And they said hip-hop was dead.

If I'm not mistaken, Lil Wayne, the Lee Harvey Oswald of hip-hop just got you some cheeks on your white tee.

Your welcome.

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