Monday, March 2, 2009


10,000 assists for the best point guard of our generation.

Growing up in a generation that loves high flying, exciting plays, we all grew up loving Kidd's lobs to K-Mart and Richard Jefferson, and we recognize him his one of the best passers to have played the game.

The thing about Kidd is that he also the best rebounding guard, and possibly one of the best defensive point guards to play in the modern era.

In an era where the best players on the team must take 30 shots a game, Kidd showed that the best way to impact a basketball game is with defense, rebounding, and finding the open man. I don't like getting into how basketball is "supposed" to be played, but I'd much rather watch Jason Kidd run an offense and find open men, than watch Kobe pump fake and jab step all night long.


Anonymous said...

Oakland stand up!

ntailo said...

Jason Kidd is one of the greatest. He has tremendous court vision, rebounding ability, scoring ability, and such a smoking hot wife. Double snap.

Although, I must say, I'm kind of a John Stockton fan. Imagine wearing those shorts fro 19 years straight and still dishing out just short of 16,000 assists. Ballin.

Hamiltone said...

I'm down with Stockton. Respect.