Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Not Pimpin!

So, yesterday I was watching for the love of Ray J, like I always do on Mondays, and this show was just ridiculous. First, they had a boxing match, wherein they pitted girls against each other in one on one matches. However, 3 of the girls forfeited which meant only Feisty and Lil Hood actually squared off in the ring. After that, the winning team + Feisty(who Ray let come because he felt the rest of her team left her hanging) all went out to a club. Lil Hood proceeded to tell Ray that they should go in the bathroom for some "one on one time" with "no cameras" and subsequently tried to grind on and hump him a lot until he had had enough. He had already expressed to us that he doesn't like it when a girl tries to force herself on him, and this was a textbook example of that.

The next day, Lil Hood decided it would be a good idea to ether herself(all Nas) by telling Ray some crazy story about how girls in the house are talking shit about her, a thought put into her head by Cocktail(Judas), and trying to bring everything(nothing) to the forefront of the discussion. There needed to be no discussion. Lil Hood was confused at that point and sought comfort from Judas, who in turn pretended to listen and helped her to pack her bags. She eliminated herself...

So now I wish to salute you, Lil Hood, for being the dumbest person on TV. Congratulations.

p.s. Who is this Jason character I keep hearing about?


Anonymous said...

Jason is from The Bachelor. Read it about, hes the biggest asshole in America. real talk.

Hamiltone said...

Yeah people keep telling me. I still think it's just TV.