Thursday, March 5, 2009

Oh No

Chris Brown charged with two felonies

You mean to tell me, he punched her, bit her, choked her, and then threatened to kill her?

And he's gonna skate with probation?

This is ridiculous

Somebody hit me with a link to some dance/voice classes, I'm light-skinned enough right?


Anonymous said...

so u can beat up girls and get away with it?

Patrick said...

so i can have money
people with money dont face the same judicial system as people without money.

this is just another case.

marcofasho said...

a darked skin nigga like me would be doing 25 to life

Egomeli said...

yo. this dude chris brown is finished. grand opening grand closing. its insane how over it is for him.

but im on some f rihanna tip too. i saw "take a bow" on mtv hits today... this chick rihanna is the dumbest chick in the world. how do you perform a song like that and then go back to a dude that literally tried to kill her.