Saturday, March 21, 2009

Some Party At Some Car Museum

As a young kid, it's easy to be obsessed with cars, and the Petersen Museum has always had a huge car on the outside of the building. I used to ask my mom to take me there all the time. I had been there a handful of times as a young kid before B.I.G. died. I haven't been in there since, I'm not sure if that's a coincidence or not, I just haven't been back. Every time I roll by Wilshire it usually pops into my head that one of the most talented people we've had got killed over some absolute bullsh*t right there in the street. Rest in peace Mr. Wallace, I'll see you when I get there.


Myke B said...

this is the dopest shhh i've ever seen. i hope you don't mind me taking it. i'll give you your credit.

Patrick said...

nah no prob