Thursday, April 30, 2009

Hugh Augustine the MC

So, Hugh, how come you don't go by any stage names?
Hugh Augustine
Haha I kept my real name so we wouldnt all be the same... they always tryna change me. Im happy with who I am. If I changed for the stage I couldnt expect people to take me seriously as a person. This isnt a facade. You get me everytime.
That's a cool philosophy, are there any others that you live by? Anything you're trying to share with the world as far as how to live your life?
Hugh Augustine
Oh yeah mos def. My biggest motto is F**K IT. People get caught up so much in what someone else is doing or how they aren't where they wanna be. Just say F**K IT. Do what you gotta do. Don't get concerned and stressed about things you cant change. I cant waste my energy, I got songs to write.
Very true. What's the coolest thing you've experienced as a result of your doing music?
Hugh Augustine
Let me think. I think it was this one time I went to a friend of a friends house and we were watching a football game and he was playing his ipod and one of my songs came on that he downloaded from myspace. He knew all the words. it was a reality check that people actually like my stuff. Major turning point for me as an artist too. I never thought people were listening to my stuff before that happened.
That must be a good feeling. I was just thinking about what I already know about you, which is kind of a lot, and I know you're a stylish guy. Are there any brands that you're watching right now?
Hugh Augustine
Voila Clothing Los Angeles just gave me a sponsorship so im rockin that all day. The Hundreds cut and sew stuff thats been coming out is dope plus im really into old stuff. My hat collection is getting out of control. Levis denim, Nike shoes. Im not really feeling any nikes that have been comin out lately though. I don't know who's designing for them, but i want a job. Besides that ive been buying dickies, black dickies, black nikes, black voila, black starter, i feel like im in NWA
Speaking of NWA, and all that other stuff, who would you say are your biggest influences in the development of your music?
Hugh Augustine
Tough question. Lyrically it would be Nas, style wise it would be Ahmad, content, Tupac, but I love hip hop. I've been listening to alot of oldschool lately, trying to see how I can improve on the roots of hip hop, so I can create and develop my style better. Rakim and Mos Def have been great influences but I listen to rock and jazz... so it comes from everywhere.
Is there anybody current that you listen to?
Hugh Augustine
Not really, its not that I dont like anyone, its that I dont want to sound like anyone, so I dont listen to it. I mean there are still OGs who put out albums and I buy them. Besides that, nope. I like my new cd, Thesis of Elevation haha.
So do I (laughs). Is there anything else you want to say?
Hugh Augustine
Buy my new cd. Get money. RIP Kim, Kenan, Uncle Bo. Dont trust anyone. Get your own cuz I got mine. Wassup MPC. Wassup Bo and David J. Augustines run the world, and so does Nick. Besides that, thanks for the time, keep listening.
Good talking to you
Hugh Augustine
You too, anytime. Peace.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

My School > Yours

Word to 6th men.

Don't Call It

A comeback

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Sunday, April 26, 2009


So, if you haven't already heard, I'm not in Santa Clara this weekend. I'm in Philadelphia visiting my HOMIES. However, that is not the reason for this post. This is...

It's amazing, so amazing.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Daps & Pounds

That's what i'm giving up. Daps & Pounds

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Hipsters in Space

This is kinda funny, except I feel like i might be borderline hipster. That's right, I'm about to embrace it.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

What's Cooler

Than being cool?
Ice cold.

Dominoes FTL

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Black Trunks, Black Shoes

Iron Mike

I'm seeing this on release day.

I Brake for Booty

...and animals, but that's unrelated.

I hear Busta Rhymes is in this picture, but I don't see it. Must be an illusion.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Alright Pat

I'm here.

Oh yeah, so I kinda went dumb this past week purchasing things for myself. I am feeling like it's about time that I mention some additions to my life.

Zen Garden - I saw this, and I knew I needed to have it. It's not like I need any calming down, but using it has been really relaxing lately. Also, it came with a really cool book of sayings and teaching from zen, which has been making me think a little bit (never a bad thing)

Shoes - I copped some Alife mids in grey (they're pretty clean)

and the Johnson Low in black by TH. Dope.

I also got some t shirts and boardshorts.

Lastly, I'm still trying to shoot some more models, so if you're reading this and you want to get in on it, make yourself known.

Home Opener

Let's go

Friday, April 10, 2009


What the f&^k are you thinking cutting your hair like that?

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Chosen 2

Maybach Music II

Rick Ross (Feat. Kanye West & Lil Wayne)

I want to be rich enough one day so that I can listen to this properly

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A Person I Wish I Could Be Like

You know how you sit there and think about who you'd want to be like in another lifetime. One of them is George Jung, the other would be a guy like Josh Pastner.

Pastner is the new basketball coach at Memphis.

He's a former UA graduate who played for the team, and was an assistant coach with UA from 2002-2008 before coaching with John Calapari at Memphis this past season. He is known as an excellent recruiter, and a wonderkind of sorts. He also loves Zona, and I'm sure he'll get his dream job one day sooner rather than later.

Good luck Josh


Be Kanye


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Young Money / Chris Paul

My guess is that Wayne had money on the Hornets, and was loaded