Monday, June 29, 2009

Same Show

I mean, the sh#t sells, he's relevant, and the song is somewhat entertaining.




Ahh f*ck it, he's getting $, apparently that's all that matters.


ABC said...
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Patrick said...

So because he hired a stylist his music is better?

I really don't like going off on ignorant rap because it's really just entertainment.

That said, the BET Awards are seen as a showcase for black culture or entertainment, and 'the world is watching.' Soulja Boy is just not what I think we want to be represented by.

I mean, this n_ rolled a bed out and hopped out of it on stage. Regardless of it being labeled ignorant, not real hip-hop, etc, it just sucks. It's not good music.

BlaKsmith said...

Gettem Pat