Saturday, July 25, 2009

It's Just My Thoughts Vol. 3

Volume's 1 and 2 are from back in '07. (yeah, we been doin' this sh#t for a minute)

Two things happened to me yesterday that I think have enhanced my perspective on a lot of things.

First, I went to Chipotle before work (I got a burrito bowl, if you cared) and while I was in the 'assembly line' the man in front of me held things up for a few minutes because he was dissatisfied with the amount of chicken in his tacos. He told the lady he wanted more chicken, and she told him it would cost more money. He then went on a mini-rant about how he gets less and less chicken every time. Now, if you know Chipotle like you should (in fact, if you don't eat Chipotle then just log off your computer) then you know that the size tortillas that they use for the soft tacos isn't exactly a wide canvas for the burrito designers to ladle on extra lbs of chicken. Anyways, the thing I gathered from that is that you must really be on some sh&t to complain about the amount of chicken on your Chipotle tacos. One of the things that I have been trying to teach myself is that we all have a finite amount of energy before we can go chill with Pam and Mike Jackson. That said, why waste energy on that?

Just a thought.

The second thing that happened was during my work shift. We keep packages for our residents in the back of our office, and a resident had left 17 packages back there. Not exactly sure why, but she just never came to pick them all up. My manager asked me to help carry some boxes to the girl's car in front of our office, so I did. As I set down the last two boxes the girl looked at me and said, "Well, that's all 17, ughhh, I'm gonna kill my mom."

I just walked back in and kept on with my shift. Mom references make me think, they make me miss, they sometimes bring tears to me, but they happen multiple times a day and I'm glad they do. Every single one of us is ungrateful at times, especially to the people who got us to where we are.

Next time you feel like complaining, or feel like you're going to say something ungrateful, pick something you can do to add positivity to your life. Wear a pink shirt and tell whoever you see to raise their breast cancer awareness, read about someone legendary and understand their story, or just call Mom (or Grandma & Auntie) and tell them they're beautiful and you love 'em. Stop wasting your energy for things that don't benefit you and the world we all live in. Like I said earlier, we have a finite amount of energy, but the affect that we could have on people can be infinite, that affect is mostly determined by how we use that energy

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