Saturday, July 25, 2009


Sadly, my camera lens is broken(if anybody has a spare or wants to buy me one that would be dope), so I have to describe the past two days in words.

Yesterday I woke up early, drove to Canoga Park to pick up records that had just been pressed for George Thoroughgood and the Destroyers, because my uncle is his tour manager and they needed us(my aunt and I) to deliver them to Lodi, CA yesterday before their show in the evening.

Then we got on the 5 and headed up to Sacramento's general area. I called my friend and room mate Gino, who is from Sacramento, to see what he was doing. He informed me that downtown Sacramento has a music festival in a park every week and he would be attending it. I asked him to pick me up and he did.

Next, we went to the festival which was pretty fun, and followed that with dinner. we went to a place called My Barbecue Spot, and the tri tip sandwich there was delicious. We decided that we would like to go out to the bars in Downtown, so we went to Streets of London. I really liked the place, but there weren't very many girls there, much less ones I thought were very cute. We hung out there for a while and then went to the next bar. It was called The Distillery. There were probably 5 people there. Apparently it is packed there on Thursday nights, but last night was Friday so we had a beer and left. We went to another place called De Vere's(I think that's the correct spelling), and it was kind of the same thing as Streets of London, but the place was bigger so there were more people. None of the places we had been to had dancing, and that had been pretty much all I wanted to do last night.

We decided to go to the club that Gino's dad is part owner of, Ortega West. This is when the fun started. They play traditional Mexican drinking music and there is a dancefloor so I got my wish. I had never tried dancing like that and I took this as an opportunity to expand my horizons. I'm usually a person who will try anything once just for the experience, but I ended up having a whole lot of fun. I guess I was a pretty good dancer as well because Gino's sister called me "a natural". After we left, we visited the taco truck outside the club and ate again. Then I went to sleep.

This morning, we(my aunt and I) drove back to LA and I am safely in my room as I write this. Overall, I had a great time and I was happy for the hospitality that Gino's family showed me, as well as glad I could share in some new experiences and local culture.

Note: I am always hesitant to post something right after P talks about some real ish, but I figured that if i didn't put it down right now i would forget some stuff, and I would hate to leave anything out of the story.

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Holla @ me this week ham. Check out my new ish. im trying to be a cool kid like you and pat