Tuesday, September 15, 2009

And We Gon' Party LIke ...

It's Your Birthday


So my pops bday is this Friday. I was walking through campus thinking about what I could get him. I'm flying home Thursday night, which is probably enough of a present anyways, but I want to get him something good.

Then I got to thinking about what my Dad's birthday really means to me or what it has meant in the past. Usually it was a day to go out to dinner, buy some generic gift that he'd use, and move on. My birthday, which is less than a month after his was always much more important to me and to him (or so it seems). My mom's born day is in May, and since she passed in January I didn't pay any special importance to what turned out to be her last birthday because I didn't see death as imminent at the time. This time around, for my Dad's birthday, I feel an added importance. I have a greater appreciation for the sacrifices my parents made for me to be where I am today. It's my goal this Friday to make my Dad's birthday as important as mine is.

I wrote all of that to encourage all that read this to put a little more effort into showing your parents the appreciation you have for them.

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Miroki said...

i feel as if more people should realize this. true words.