Monday, May 2, 2011

I Don't Blog

Anymore ...

But something happened yesterday that I have to touch on.

The United States killed Osama Bin Laden. I found out from Diane Feinstein, as I was attending a memorial for my good friend Kam Kuwata.

As I left the memorial, I started scrolling my phone for tweets, and that's when things started to go horribly wrong. In any moment, serious or otherwise, it's reasonable to expect people to fish for laughs, and maybe say some insensitive things because everyone's emotions are running so high. As a person who works with social media on a daily basis, I am careful to give my tweets a second read before I press send, because once it's out there, it's out there. That said, there was one person's messages who particularly discouraged me, and since I know there were many other people with similar messages, I'm gonna single him out to make a point.

This friend of mine is someone I went to high school with. I wouldn't call him a best friend or anything, but his mother went to my mother's funeral, which is a helluva a lot more than I can say for a lot of people I consider closer friends. This friend was among the smartest in our class in high school, went on to attend an Ivy League institution, and now works on Wall Street. His tweets started out with: "Obama just needs to hit the dougie real quick ." That tweet is a good example of maybe a slightly inappropriate message that is due to the emotion of the moment. Then, a few tweets later: "Michelle Obama must have domed this nigga all crazy last night ." This is where it starts getting unfortunate. I don't know what their reaction was, but I'd like to live in my own fairy tale world and think that maybe they spent the night thinking about all of the lives that were claimed by OBL, and how much this news will mean to the people. I'm even willing to assume that the First Family is selfish enough to consider the implications this might have on Barack's campaign. Perpetuating the stereotypes of overly sexual black people, though? Anyways, a few more tweets later: "I aint steppin in naria NYC yellow cab tomorrow ." There is a back story to this one. In high school, our beloved track coach, Greg Wells, passed away of cancer. He also taught the AFAS course for seniors. Due to his passing, my senior class was not offered that course. I'm going to assume that maybe my friend isn't as aware as he needs to be on just how recent the civil rights movement was. I'm just going to ignore the stupidity that is relating a cab driver to a member of Taliban or Al-Qaeda. There is literally nothing I can say with regards to that. Now, normally, I would let such idiocy slide, but because of the emotion of the situation, I replied. My friend never replied to me, but left the world with this message on Monday morning: "Naria cab stopped for the corporates this morning. Had to laugh cuz I'm used to this. ." A black male making jokes about cabs in NYC is just so rich that all I can do is laugh.

There are so many layers to this, I can't possibly delve into them as much as I'd like. I'm convinced that social media and social networking have ruined my generation. People are being trained to have no filter for their thoughts, which we all know is never going to end well, especially when emotions get high. What gets me the most, is that my friend works on Wall Street, he is a very smart man. His name is on his twitter account, and even though his profile is private, if someone retweets it, the whole world can see it.

As I mentioned, I found out about OBL's death while at a memorial for a good friend. May 1st also happened to be my mom's 51st birthday. Maybe because loss was on my mind all day, that my mind immediately went to feeling a sense of revenge for the families of those who lost their lives on 9/11, and the families of military personnel. Maybe I'm taking this all too seriously. If there's one thing I would want people my age who read this to take away, it's that in the world of social media, you must think before you press send. If you don't want that comment attached to your name, save it for the person on the couch next to you. I know my friend is much smarter than me by any measurable, but yesterday, he sounded like a f***ing idiot, and that's never a good thing.

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